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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I Need A Blogging Schedule

I can't believe I've had these pictures just chilling in my gallery for so long and haven't shared them yet.I like to think I'm the kind of blogger who can live with a free-style posting schedule, but I need order!I've heard of some bloggers buying a specific blog calendar and i think that method would work for me.
I don't want to neglect my blog baby so this is me making the move to getting it together.
"Get it together", that's a phrase I find myself using frequently.It's kind of like an anonymous answer to a clear problem.You don't really know how, or what it is you're getting together but you know you need to get it.There are some problems that don't need clear answers,so the answer kind of finds It's easier not to label it and to keep an open mind to the possibilities and options.Do you know what I mean, or does this sound like gibberish, let me know in the comment section.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

I'm Not Afraid of Aging Anymore

After I turned 18 I came to the horrible realization that a lot of the life goals I wanted to achieve before I turned 20 were not becoming a reality.Every birthday after 18 was filled with guilt,regret and  a forced smile.It sounds dramatic, terrible and ungrateful to react to a birthday this way.I couldn't help myself at the time.I hadn't wrapped my mind around the fact that I can't control everything life throws at me, that my primary control is simply how I react.
I can now say that I'm not afraid of aging anymore. I'm not afraid of the things life plans on throwing at me anymore.This doesn't mean that when my life gets shaken up I'm going to be immune to the movement, it just means I know if I fall I can pick myself back up.I'm growing confident in my will to overcome and to better myself out of otherwise dark circumstances.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Before You Were A Blogger

Sometimes you get caught up in this blogger culture, and you forget what it's like to be on the outside of the community.When you're knee deep in this bloggerverse there comes a point where the fun takes a turn for the serious.You know you're becoming a serious blogger when you do the following:
  • Blogging randomly about anything becomes scheduled.
  • Teaching yourself about branding,measuring analytics and reading articles about the next big thing in social media becomes more of an assignment than an activity.
  • Your blogger journal is half filled with ideas and the other half with SEO tips.
  • You've set aside a specific blogger budget with your bank account.
Don't get me wrong, I AM IN NO WAY MOCKING, the act of professional blogging.Personally, I believe the following activities above are excellent blogging practices that I partake in frequently myself.But sometimes in the midst of developing a business perspective to your passion, the fire of your passion can be slightly dampened.
I found myself spending nights looking at all the articles and trying to devise a blueprint for my brand.Everyday on the computer was spent measuring and comparing analytics so much that I'd forget to post.My mind was a cluttered mess of numbers and frustration when I didn't reach those numbers.
Every time I realized there was a new goal I hadn't reached, it made me question if this blogging thing is really for me, that's when I got familiar with the term hiatus.My  writer esteem faltered and so did my creative mind.I packed up my bags and left the blogosphere and assumed no one would care that I was gone.
I decided to act like I wasn't a blogger and didn't have a history of drafts,posts and writing for the world to see.So as I looked from the outside, I realized things weren't as bad as I thought they were.I looked at my blog from an unbiased reader's perspective and actually liked what I saw.
I read through my own posts like I wasn't familiar with them already and found myself entertained.Regardless of the numbers, I was creating warm,fun,informative content and remembered what all of this felt like before I was a blogger.
Looking from the outside made me remember my beginning, when I was just getting my feet wet.Back before I drowned myself in the blog world,I remembered what it was like to splash playfully.
So for now I'm getting back to my blogger roots.I'm going to post when I feel like it. I'm going to play.It's amazing that it took me to stop blogging and to become solely a reader again to remember why I love this form of expression!

The Really Great Day featuring Marelee's Jewelry by Tapper's

When is the last time you sat down and reflected on the day you had and realized that it was outrageously awesome.We often get caught up in thinking about tomorrow while we're pursuing our daily activities.So in a sense, although we're acting on today our minds are on tomorrow.We neglect the present all the time,at least I know I do.
Yesterday, I practiced living in the present.I didn't allow my mind to wander into tomorrow, I just sat, relaxed and focused on what I was doing in the now.It was a little difficult for me to stay focused, so at times I would stop thinking and just focus on breathing.I would focus on the fact that I'm alive today. I would focus on my current surroundings to fight off my worry wart tendencies.
When I finally started living in the present, that's when I realized I was having an awesome day.
Living in the present+wearing timeless jewelry= #wining.
My day was filled with easiness, no rushing,no crazy lines,I hadn't left any vital things like my phone or my wallet at home.My bus wasn't late, the weather started off nice; and I got home with enough time to clean up my room, and still managed to get enough sleep.In addition to the ease of the day, I finally got a chance to wear these beautiful pieces from an online jewelry company named Marlee's Jewelry by Tapper's.I was sent the pieces earlier this week to share with you and I've been itching for a chance to wear them!
These pieces went so well with the dark palette of my outfit.The pieces had just enough sparkle to make my casual look stand out.You can tell a lot of hard work went into these quality pieces; and  I'm very grateful that this company asked me to feature these pieces on my blog so I can share the greatness with you beautiful people.If you take anything away from today's blog post, it's that I encourage everyone to practice being more present and to give Marlee's Jewelry by Tapper's a look!You can check out the link to their store here,

Jacket: Wetseal 
Boots: Gojane
Jeans: I don't remember, honestly I just don't know where they came from.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Beginner Blogger Questions

   I remember when I started my blog for the first time.I was so excited to hurry up and create content to share.I had lists upon lists of ideas and projects I planned on creating.In my pursuit of blogger greatness,I forgot to ask myself some very important questions.

   The 1st question is pretty obvious but that doesn't make it any less important:what do you want your readers to know about you?That "About Me" section is pretty critical.You have to figure out the best way to represent yourself in a few sentences that makes readers feel welcome.Do not neglect the power of the "About Me" section.

   The 2nd question is, from what position do you want to blog?There are various ways to blog,from co-blogging with multiple people or anonymously blogging giving no information or background on yourself and simply creating faceless,nameless content.Determine the kind of blogger you want to be by figuring out what personally suits you best.
     The 3rd question is what kind of blogger voice do you want to use?Do you want your voice to be laidback and casual?Perhaps a sophisticated voice would be better if your blogging purpose is to inform and educate.Determing your own particular voice helps make the message of your blog clear and creates easily digestible content for your readers.

Hopefully this post helps the next person who suddenly develops an interest in the blogging world.Feel free to leave a comment below about any questions you wished you asked yourself when you first started blogging.