Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Inspiration Comes To You In Strange Ways

   I was surfing the web in a lapse of boredom when I came upon this article from Necole Bitchie where Nicki Minaj splurged on her bf//hype man Safaree 'Scaff Breezy' Samuels and she bought them his and her Bentlys, Safari to not make it seem as though Nicki Minaj is his sugamama he took to facebook stating
"I got ova 600k in iinsured jewels....I think I can afford to buy a Bently :) I shoulda bought a Civic...LOL all good".

Here are a few pics of the bright red, and sweet pink Bentlys under the jump.


Read more at Necole Bitchie
  Now call me strange but the two Starburst inspired cars, set a little light bulb off in me, I would love to do a make up look for New Year's using tones like these, not nearly as harsh but something with a pop of red and a sweet girly eye shadow, or perhaps I can play with blush, it would be my first time high lighting my cheeks. hmmm.

Make Up Look

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