Monday, December 26, 2011

A Little Link Love

   A few links I'm currently loving are

       These are college based sites all about fashion, I'm actually terrified of college which is no good seeing as how I'm going to college soon next fall, with these sites at least I'll be a fashionable freshmen, or perhaps a scared stylish student....okay I'll stop with the puns you all know what I'm getting at. I keep seeing college as this big hectic place, where you wouldn't  even have the time to try and be stylish but these sites completely changed my mind, their articles are fun and interesting. There posts are constantly on trend and keep up with the time always dropping tips for frightened incoming freshmen like myself. 
 College fashion recently did a YouTube video to get you ready for New Year's with an easy to do and sparkly look:

A    nd don't get me wrong I know there's much more to school than having an excuse to try and look cute everyday, because running on campus in heels is most definitely not my prerogative. I'm mostly a book worm myself anyhow.Lisa Simpson was my idol growing up sigh lol.


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  1. Aw lovely make up!

    Thanks for sharing :D