Saturday, December 31, 2011

Outfit Of Day!

   Hello guys I'm so excited for the new year, and I know it's 2012 in other parts of the world right now so I'm wishing a happy new year to you guys to!  Did you guys know I sing...well at least I try to lol. You all should check out my youtube channel here I just started it, and I did a few bits of singing just a bit, so feel free to look at that and I'm currently uploading another vid(someone could of warned me that it really does take practically forever) well for my outfit today I decided to go with a warm neutral sweater and a leather jacket with a fur collar, it's a warm outfit and I really just wanted to focus more on my makeup I'll do a post on that later as well, yes it's another casual outfit not necessarily party down material but I want to bring in the new year comfortably. I made a new years resolution as well, to cut down on my negativity I can be a ball of bubbliness at times but on the inside I'm a mess! Positivity and patience that's what I'm all about.

   This necklace came in the mail today I was so excited!

Happy Holidays happy news year to all guys!!!!

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