Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Project

  My current project is working on The Individual Project, I wish to create a campaign that promotes self awareness, and confidence for all people. Have you ever felt like you were trapped to follow a role, a role that won't allow you to do any of what you feel but just to do what you should? Both men and women have standards to up hold, whether it be in physical image or attitude.
  We live in an age where a guy, who may just be emotionally attached to not just a girl but to anything that holds enough of him to hurt him, and in that moment of hurt any sign of weakness he is ridiculed and confronted on what's considered a natural human emotion and is called "punk", "wuss", and "soft", but when will we as a race of people recognize we are all humans and are all different and handle situations all differently. If a girl wishes to be liberate herself from a society's standard of  gender roles, she's looked at to be a hard militant feminist, "if you want such equality don't complain about chivalry being dead" there's a difference in an act of chivalry and being respectful and sadly many people get those line blurred.
  The project is the healthy promotion of all people, to motivate and be a source of positive encouragement, because to many lives have been lost struggling under the heavy hand of a standard.

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Old Rusted Tinker

  Simple monday, simple outfit today went decent for a Monday, I must fix my sleeping schedule though! Waiting on my ring from ebay to get here I can't wait to show you guys, I love it!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The To Do List Of The Week

  • study for my business math and Spanish tests like mad
  • keep up with health regimen
  • find a specific shop to get my prom dress from(I already have an idea though)
  • work on my vision book
  I like to do lists keeps your goal oriented and it feels good to be able to cross off each thing, as you go you can feel the accomplishment!

Sleepy Sunday

  I seriously never had the urge to sleep in and stay asleep so badly until today, but I hate waking up in the afternoon and then I feel like I wasted my entire day, am I the only one? Here's the outfit of the day, simple flannel green top, jeans, and black boots but oooh look at my earrings!

Natural Hair Frustration

  It's been three months of protective styling, I have not seen a difference in length.....See natural hair isn't all big chop, TWA and then mega fro in a year and I realize you're going to face these kinds of discouraging struggles as far as hair growth, but wow three months and my hair has maybe grown an inch, one whole inch.

   This is my hair in November

This is my hair in December

My hair now

I guess my hair has grown a bit, but no where near the magnitude I'd hoped by the way shrinkage is evil.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Have You Heard Of The Trendy Top

  There was the Snuggie, then they created Forever Lazy, they created the Booty Pop and now we have it....Trendy Top! Trendy Top is designed to hide any unsightly bulge on the stomach, basically is holds in your stomach and that's it. You'll never worry about a roll, a muffin or any over bakery treats with the Trendy Top!
Seriously though a Trendy Top? How about buy a shirt that fits? I'm all for bettering oneself and doing what you want with your body because it's your body and you should own that but really a Trendy Top why not just buy Spanx or a girdle of some kind, Trendy Top just comes off a little bit much for me, it's something about wearing a tight tube top around your belly to hold you in that's not rubbing me the right way, but hey that's just my opinion what do you guys think of the trendy top?


  Happy Saturday! Hopefully everyone plans on enjoying there weekend, this is a simple yellow outfit, white shirt underneath, skinny jeans with my cool pocket zippers, and a pair of Wanted boots, earrings from ebay, and the ring from Rainbows!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Bye Bye Bye Braids!

   Hmm I'm going to miss my braids, but you know what I'm ready to change my look, lets take a look down memory lane!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Plaid Rad Robot Fad

  Hello guys so I'm come to you quite excited:

  1.  Tomorrow is going to be a pretty cool school day pep rally and game later
  2. Want to say hello to the new followers I've received!
  3. I've been quite successful on my new healthy regimen
  4. Why not be excited about life!
   How are you guys doing right about now?

jacket from Rue21, sweater from Dots, earrings from Claire's, necklace from Rainbows, ring from Payless, pants from Kohl's

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Because A Vampire's Love Is Eternal

  Hello there guys! So this week has been spirit week at my school for Coming Home, and I realized this will be my last spirit week :(, I'm going to miss all the fun antics of high school, but I've got to let it go to be ready for college, which I keep hearing isn't all the hype it's supposed to be. College the land of dorm parties, is really the land of studying, studying and studying at least for me. I want to learn to enjoy myself, instead of being all work and hardly any play like I currently am. So I'll have my play this summer and then let college be all work, I guess. Hmm, well today's spirit day was Holiday Event Day, basically dress as your favorite holiday I have no ugly Christmas sweaters, so I slipped on this heart t-shirt I got from Rue21 some jeans from Sears and black cardigan from Forever21 and called myself Valentine's Day. My accessories are the main center of attention for today, I love this little red heart earrings and of course my pink vampire mouth necklace from Betsey Johnson.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Natural Hair Problems


    Hi everybody! As you know I am currently trying to keep my natural hair protected from the cold, I'm ready to take these braids out right about now but I'm not entirely ready to, at the same time. A part of me misses my hair texture, apart of me feels like I will be far to lazy to sit down and twist my hair! I'll have my natural strands back soon enough, whether I can handle it all, that' s the question. I know you're reading this like "how much of a hassle could your natural hair honestly be?" but it's thick, very thick, not to long but is extremely thick coily mass of hair on my hair, that I love but can't deny I spend time that I may not have on it, and seeing as I am indeed semi-high maintenance (I'm not afraid to admit it) there will definitely be some natural hair posts on the way, and about time management.