Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Because A Vampire's Love Is Eternal

  Hello there guys! So this week has been spirit week at my school for Coming Home, and I realized this will be my last spirit week :(, I'm going to miss all the fun antics of high school, but I've got to let it go to be ready for college, which I keep hearing isn't all the hype it's supposed to be. College the land of dorm parties, is really the land of studying, studying and studying at least for me. I want to learn to enjoy myself, instead of being all work and hardly any play like I currently am. So I'll have my play this summer and then let college be all work, I guess. Hmm, well today's spirit day was Holiday Event Day, basically dress as your favorite holiday I have no ugly Christmas sweaters, so I slipped on this heart t-shirt I got from Rue21 some jeans from Sears and black cardigan from Forever21 and called myself Valentine's Day. My accessories are the main center of attention for today, I love this little red heart earrings and of course my pink vampire mouth necklace from Betsey Johnson.


  1. love the necklace!!


    I followed your blog , feel free to follow back :)

  2. lovely necklace!

    thanks for the comment on my blog,

  3. thank you guys!