Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Comparisons Can Kill You!

         Have you ever done your make up, or picked out a bag or shoes and looked to your left or perhaps the right and found yourself doing a million and one comparisons. We as people are always comparing ourselves to other people, there is  both a pro and con to this. The pro to making comparisons is that it can fuel you to be competitive and to strive for bigger and better things in a sense, the con is is you lose yourself and individuality in the drive to outdo others.
     Not to sound cheesy but in all honesty BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE. I do the same exact things after I post a few pictures, pick out a few outfits, I go to my blogger dashboard and see all of these fabulous diverse people who maybe more popular than I.  I make the comparisons driving myself crazy trying to figure out how do I get to that level? How do I add that spark,some edge to my style or how do I create better quality of pictures(because unlike some of these employed and or sponsored bloggers I don't have the pockets to splurge on a 1000 dollar camera).
     At the end of the day, my spark is the fact that blog is a hundred percent original, those famous bloggers became famous, because they are true to themselves and stay determined. Stay true to yourself don't get lost in this world constantly competing with others and trying to be what you're not, your time will come, be patient and  have fun. The big lesson in this  is don't forget the present looking to the future.

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  1. Really great post! Being true to yourself is the most important thing! Glad you wrote about this and this is always a good reminder. :)