Saturday, January 21, 2012

Defeating The Stereotype

( Janelle Monae she's amazing!)

 Most people think of natural hair consisting of:
  • Afros
  • picks
  • little afros
  • big afros
  • and more afros!
  But there is so much diversity with natural hair, if only you knew! The style above is a natural hair style, pinned up in the 60's chic look. I for one am simply itching to release my tresses and experiment with different looks from twist outs, to bantu knots, braid outs and pin up styles like seen above.
Natural hair is so much more than the 70s Pam Grier fro( although her fro was epic) , a girl who loves to play in different looks should definitely consider going natural, the versatility was one of the major factors in which I even wanted to go natural.

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  1. she and solange...inspired me to become natural again...great blog x

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