Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Good Vibrations

   Positivity is key, if you wake up feeling tired and bored, you assume class is going to be boring and tiresome, you already know lunch is going to be loud and crowded and you're going to leave school with two hours worth of homework then you know what's going to happen, every bit of what you just said. Sending out those negative vibes, you have clouded your vision to what could be the opportunity to an amazing day, I know it's cold the sun doesn't shine bright enough, and the floors stay cold in the morning and you can't find your sock, and the Poptart you ate was stale, and your teacher won't stop complaining, but think about it, what caused that teacher to complain? People are only going to reflect what you send to them, if you walk past people you know don't say hi, hello, good morning don't feel bad the next day you feel ignored because the day before you sent out dark moody feelings, why would someone want to hang out with someone who complains incessantly that life never gets good for? Would you want to be friends with someone who does nothing but incessantly cry and whine, I don't think so you do enough of that yourself! I'm not saying to wake up with a smile and ignore all the seemingly bad things around, be aware of the situation don't dwell on it, you must move past and look up and look forward that's the only way you get progress? What kind of progress do you get complaining that Anne has the same kind of shoes as you and decided to wear them on the same day? Let it go and focus on how much more fierce those oxfords look on you, and forget what Anne's wearing. In short don't forget reality, but focus on what deserves your attention not the negative stuff, let the positivity of the day take center stage.

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