Saturday, January 28, 2012

Have You Heard Of The Trendy Top

  There was the Snuggie, then they created Forever Lazy, they created the Booty Pop and now we have it....Trendy Top! Trendy Top is designed to hide any unsightly bulge on the stomach, basically is holds in your stomach and that's it. You'll never worry about a roll, a muffin or any over bakery treats with the Trendy Top!
Seriously though a Trendy Top? How about buy a shirt that fits? I'm all for bettering oneself and doing what you want with your body because it's your body and you should own that but really a Trendy Top why not just buy Spanx or a girdle of some kind, Trendy Top just comes off a little bit much for me, it's something about wearing a tight tube top around your belly to hold you in that's not rubbing me the right way, but hey that's just my opinion what do you guys think of the trendy top?


  1. Cool!

  2. I have seen these on tv!!! Hot concept!!

  3. I agree with you, I'm not too sure about the whole concept! I've seen bra versions of this on TV too, even weirder! xx

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