Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Just Want To Be Successful

  Uncertainty frightens me, uncertainty follows me to my bedroom with big nasty clunky metal hooves and keeps me awake at night. Uncertainty wakes me up and drags me from my bed. Uncertainty makes me cautious makes me avert my eyes, and look away. Uncertainty, made best friends with Fear, I hate them both. Fear and Uncertainty are some of the biggest baddest bullies I've ever run into, Fear and Uncertainty have embarrassed me caused me to cry, left me shaken and drained. Fear and Uncertainty clutter my mind, like garbage in a land fill, they are every where.

  I'm never going to get to the places I want with Fear and Uncertainty clinging to me, they are getting cut off and told off and ignored. I just want Success, Success the one that got away. Success with so many beautiful voices and so many gorgeous faces it takes on, Success my one true love, I chase Success with no regret unashamed to let the world know about my love for Success shout it to the roof tops, scream it from mountains! My love for Success is what drives me to ignore the miniscule pests that Uncertainty and Fear. Uncertainty and Fear lack relevance when I am with my beloved Success.

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