Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Project

  My current project is working on The Individual Project, I wish to create a campaign that promotes self awareness, and confidence for all people. Have you ever felt like you were trapped to follow a role, a role that won't allow you to do any of what you feel but just to do what you should? Both men and women have standards to up hold, whether it be in physical image or attitude.
  We live in an age where a guy, who may just be emotionally attached to not just a girl but to anything that holds enough of him to hurt him, and in that moment of hurt any sign of weakness he is ridiculed and confronted on what's considered a natural human emotion and is called "punk", "wuss", and "soft", but when will we as a race of people recognize we are all humans and are all different and handle situations all differently. If a girl wishes to be liberate herself from a society's standard of  gender roles, she's looked at to be a hard militant feminist, "if you want such equality don't complain about chivalry being dead" there's a difference in an act of chivalry and being respectful and sadly many people get those line blurred.
  The project is the healthy promotion of all people, to motivate and be a source of positive encouragement, because to many lives have been lost struggling under the heavy hand of a standard.

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