Sunday, January 29, 2012

Natural Hair Frustration

  It's been three months of protective styling, I have not seen a difference in length.....See natural hair isn't all big chop, TWA and then mega fro in a year and I realize you're going to face these kinds of discouraging struggles as far as hair growth, but wow three months and my hair has maybe grown an inch, one whole inch.

   This is my hair in November

This is my hair in December

My hair now

I guess my hair has grown a bit, but no where near the magnitude I'd hoped by the way shrinkage is evil.


  1. Don't be discouraged, shrinkage is real but it does look like your hair is growing.  Make sure to keep those ends clipped and I am sure you will see a huge difference every 6 months or so.  :)


  2. The problem with natural hair is that if you don't straighten it you won't see a result in a such short period of time. If you can find someone to braid your hair more often you should def do it, that's what we do in Africa to get a quick result (therefore there are some people on which it doesn't work) but you should try that on a certain period and see what will happen.