Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Natural Itch

       If you wear your hair in it's natural curly or coily state, then you probably prone to hand in hair syndrome, playing with the little coils and curls around and around you finger, but what is that dryness or perhaps it is the chill in the air, time to protect your precious curls is it not? So you buy a weave, or perhaps you get twists, perhaps you get braids(box braids made a major come back this year by the way I would know I love mine). So now you look cute, just got that new hairdo and your hair is protected you don't have to worry about tangles and knotting or twisting your hair is put away for the winter( or until you need a new weave or etc). Now, you're on your 3rd month of having your strands put away. You scan the natural hair scene on youtube or tumblr or you're on blogger  and you're seeing all of these women with these cute TWA's and big fluffy fros, and you start to get an itch. An itch you can't quite scratch. An itch that provokes you to want to release the fro! You find yourself taking down one braid just to you know see the growth, then you say hmm maybe I should take a braid down in the back to see if you know the nape hair( a.k.a. the kitchen) has grown and you might as well take all of it down at this point right?! Wrong. You can't take your hair down because you just spent all this cash on this hair style, or you just went through all the time in the world to get it done and you see one bad wash n go style and want your hair back in action. How do you fight off the need, the want the greed to see your hair back again? It's quite simple
  • Take a step away from the computer my dear get off of youtube tumblr and any other place that will provoke you to want to seize the day and take your hair down early ok
  • Play in the weave or braids or whatever protective style you have get creative
  • Remember all the effort it took to protect your hair in the first place
  • Remember why you want to protect your hair whether your hair was over-manipulated or was getting knots like crazy
  • Find something else to do when you feel the itch go out, work out read, write, get productive
      I'm currently suffering from a slight itch. I remind myself as I being gushing about someone's hair, that my braids fit me just fine just like her fro fits her, pat myself on the back for fighting the temptation and stay on the road to progress.  The moral of the story is stop comparing your hair to her's you make the decision about what's going on with your hair, and with the way you see yourself never give anyone else that power. Own your fierceness! 


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