Thursday, January 5, 2012

Orange You Glad No One Makes Jokes Like This Anymore

  So yea I took a trip to rainbow canyon and decided with orange yet again, it really surprised me seeing these orange pants I didn't think I owned that many orange pieces but I actually do hmm. Colorful pants the trend that won't let me sleep, I have yet to find a pair of pink pants le sigh, this look is fun and casual I won't be doing anything quite fancy for a bit of time but trust me it's there.


  1. Love the jacket! Amazing.
    There is something about the orange...its so!
    Luv it!

  2. Woooowwww...great look dear! I like the color of your pants!
    Maybe you’ll have time to visit my blog :)

    Fashion Crazy Ball on Bloglovin and My Facebook Page

  3. Hey I found your site from your Tumblr blog. You reblogged one of my photosets and I'd like to ask you to remove it. It was meant for personal use and was made private for a reason. If you could please remove it, it'd be great. My username is whoknowslove.

    Thank you and nice blog you have here btw.

  4. I love all the bright cheerful colors!!

  5. Cute post! Beautiful look! Love the pants color!


    Linda from

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