Friday, January 20, 2012

Question and Answer

   When in a bad mood, or feeling upset, or if you just have a negativity surrounding you, it's best to ask yourself a few questions analyze the situation and get whatever is on your chest..OFF. This is specific to me as I was in one of those moods when I wrote this :

  What exactly am I doing?
 I have my laptop open and I'm  typing away on this post? I am expressing myself, I am releasing repressed tension, I am making my self feel better and cleansing myself of all negative thoughts that loom around my head. I am examining what stresses me out and I am realizing these simple issues aren't that big of problems.
These simple issues, like a lack of funds, a lack of camera and a lack of license seem so frightening at times, simple road blocks tend to look like big black holes sucking up my time and efforts. Looking at the center of the black hole, is like looking into the dark abyss nothing comes out, and nothing that enters is seen again, it swallows you up and suffocates you. Taking a step bakc ot remove myself from my position and look at it from several other angles turn my head to the left and then the right, squint a little perhaps, and suddenly the black hole is merely a blip on the radar. I know all of my troubles will be solved, so why obsess why stress myself out about it, everything is going to be handled, so what is the real trouble that bothers me, and there it is right in front of me looking back, the real trouble is myself.
  There I am, there she is, she looks cute if I do say so myself, she's bothered as usual impatiently tapping her foot. What is she so impatient about? What is she so stressed and anxiety ridden for? She's waiting for the inevitable, how could she wait for the inevitable it's the inevitable it's going to happen, and then she looks at me with the same realization I have come to realize now. Breathe in and out, stretch and rest be prepared for tomorrow as much as I can and let whatever will be, be it's much easier said than done but effort just like getting it all out as I just have done makes all the difference.

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