Thursday, January 19, 2012

Super Nova Girl!!

    Do you guys remember Zenon, from Disney Channel and that song Super Nova Girl?  Oh you don't...this isn't awkward...but if you do go ahead and click the video walk down memory lane with me!

   Now, the purpose of this post is that, this was just running through my mind when I realized the short story I'm writing the main character's name is Nova! Did you guys know I want to be a writer, well between writing short stories, and singing, and playing with the idea of being a journalist. It brings me to think of the future just what exactly I plan to become I love writing but honestly before there was Bow Wow before there was Leonardo Dicaprio my first true love was singing, I would make up my own songs, and sing and sing and as I got older I started writing my own lyrics, it was poetry then I began adding a beat to the song, but I stopped singing because my stage fright was what's the right word um...PARALYZING. My stage fright is dissolving now, especially seeing as how I am making sure I join my school's talent show, I will be prepared and I will be a Supernova girl, yes that line was cheesy but I don't care!!!

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  1. Haha i do indeed this movie is my guilty pleasure,check out my blog I've got a Zenon inspired look in the archives! x