Saturday, January 7, 2012

You Really Can Make A Change

            Whether the change is monumental, or miniscule every move you make, every decision made is making a change in some kind of way so don't take your freedom for granted. Being alive in general is a privilege in itself, you are a human being, you a mass filled with ideas and quirks and emotions and feelings to express. You are a song waiting to be written, you are a movie waiting to be filmed, you are art waiting to be painted. Every new day, every time you wake up is another chance for better.So yeah lets say you might of had an awful day, but night descends and sleeping starts you wake up and guess what just like that you have another chance! Can you believe how amazing that is 365 chances in a year, 365 chances to smile and laugh and love! Why be so sad all the time, shake the heavy negativity you bare on your shoulders free, you are alive now LIVE! Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that every day is not promised so what are you leaving behind? What image will  you leave once you're gone how will you be remembered? It couldn't be more cliche' but honestly take at least a moment out of the day to do something for yourself, do something worth your time that you feel is making you happy, that you feel is leaving a mark in its own special way.

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