Sunday, February 5, 2012

Happy Black History Month

   Everyone is so focused on Valentine's Day...uh hello IT'S BLACK HISTORY MONTH! Can we take a moment to look at some black history icons, it's crazy when I see all this propaganda for Valentine's Day( it's just Valentine's Day I couldn't be more serious when I tell you just how unimportant that Valentine's Day is to me if you're really in love why do you have to wait for this one specific Hallmark holiday to show up to express your feelings but I digress). Basically this rant is about how I want Black History Month to take spotlight more often!


  1. Who cares about valentine's! is far too pink! Here is for Martin Luther King, Jimy Hendrix, Michael Jackson, James brown, Bob Marley, I know there is more..

  2. someone who understands!