Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Has Your Mind Been Playing Tricks On You?

  So I was in the house, the only one awake and I hear noises, I assume it's from outside, I assume it's a car, or(even as typical as it may seem) the wind, or you know the house making noises and it is windy once again.
Then  I begin to think, it can't be a car, the street is practically dead all the loud parties are currently sleeping off   what ever indulgence they partook in that evening already. It can't be the wind, because frankly there is none outside, it can't be the house because for the house to make noise there has to be wind!

It's bad enough I was watching Signs, and now I'm extra paranoid, and to make it even worse Joaquin Phoenix doesn't live with me, to kill the thing with a bat!!! So now I'm terrified to move, and I'm convinced these nasty alien witches are in my house, where is my cup of water!!!

But then it turned out there's a leak in the bathroom and uh, yea no alien witches tee hee

Have you ever found yourself in that kind of predicament convinced and paralyzed? What do you do? 

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