Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's Not Me It's You

                                                                 Yeah I said it it's not me

                                                                     It's you

    You ever have an epiphany in class where you realize that you really don't have to sit in one spot miserably, and you can really change your mood and you can remove your self from a source of boredom, when you finally take matters into your hands, yea I did that today. I had a really good day, not because I just let everyone around me push me this way and that but because I chose to have a good day and made it so. So when people ask you "why are you always so happy" or say things like "you're always laughing at something",say it's NOT ME ITS YOU, because we all make that choice to whether we have good days or not, some make that choice and some don't, but today I did and plan on practicing my right to happiness everyday.

By the way I got my teddy bear earrings in the mail ^_^


  1. great outfit.. x

  2. I'm in love with those earrings girl! so cute


  3. looool these pics made me chuckle, it's not me its you boo boo haaa, like them earrings though - mega cute x

  4. thanks for the love on my blog :) xoxo

    and yay for a better outlook on life!!!

    love the jacket...i have one that looks a lot like that one....can't wait for it to get warmer so i can start wearing it again!


  5. haha, i totally love this. especially how you're actually pointing at the camera. :)

  6. lol thank you!

  7. Luvin the top! And cute earrings :)