Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It's Not Worth It

   Today's outfit is waaaaaaaaaaaay to simple to become a post, but today I was rushing and changing different tops all over the place at once and ran out of time, all I have to show for it is a simple pair of skinnies, a graphic tee and grey cardigan, a.k.a. not worth a decent post.
  On another note I am searching like a mad woman for a job, and trying to fill out for all of these long extensive scholarships when in the midst of it all I  forgot to take a breather and simply be grateful that I'm in the position to fill out scholarships and to have a laptop to even search for job apps. and that I need to hold tighter in my faith that money will come eventually, in good time I will have a source of income and I will be financially stable enough for college.

Oh by the way did you know California has overturned prop.8 good for them, I'm not gay but banning gay marriage always seemed wrong to me, God doesn't make mistakes when he creates people so why should those people be ostracized like they're not human it's just my opinion though.

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