Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Buddy!

  I love this black jacket it has been my right hand man since the 9th grade and fits perfectly, it has always fit me perfectly and I love it with a passion though I did lose it not so long ago and I was ever so lost without it.....
But now it's back and I'm so happy today was a good day! I got into Adrian College! Finished my FASFA application finally! Now I just have to find a job application,I'm so happy I finished FASFA now I can apply for those scholarships with no slight snags or anything things are going pretty good. Did I tell you guys I did a presentation in my Current Events class on Body Shaming and not to toot my own horn or anything but um, I did pretty darn good coming from someone who's terrified of public speaking, and my teacher gave me a 100 on the spot hurray!!!!!!!! Now tomorrow morning we're going to be visited by the hiphop preacher I think it'll be nice though to have some early morning motivation.

You see that peacock! Did you know back in the Shakespearean age peacocks were considered cruel and lustful I couldn't believe it  \O.O/ but my peacock is cute and adorable she would never be cruel and lustful so nah! By the way this skirt is from none other Charlotte Russe, Charlotte Russe is seriously the place to  go for bodycon skirts!