Monday, February 6, 2012

On A Monday Morning

   I go through several stages when waking up in the morning I go from

  • I can't see well because my vision is clouded with drowsiness and some stubborn eye boogerage( don't act like you don't get eye boogers I see you prissy girl going ew at the word booger)
  • I'm instantly mad because I'm still tired
  • It's cold so I run to the bathroom because for some reason heat gravitates from the vent there best
  • I get dressed
  • I put on makeup(not everyday of course but I'll go on about that in the next bullet point)
  • I reconsider putting on make up because I debate whether I'm putting it on to enhance, or am I putting it on because I feel I need to I never want the line to get blurred
  • I think about one of those girls who I don't see wear make up or they're just that good at hiding it and they get all the attention in the world but even on  my best days I'm still overlooked
  • Then I think about how I don't care about getting attention
  • I put on the make up feeling liberated because it's my choice to put it on with no outside view swaying my decision
  • I grab my lunch
  • Make sure I've got everything I need
  • Put on my jacket
  • Turn up Amazing by Kanye West feat. Young Jeezy or I listen to Guns and Horses by Elle Goulding
  • I go to school
  • The End.
  Now, there are a few things I need to change on this list to make waking up in the morning more bearable

  • Apply some kind of facial oil to the corners of my eyes because it prevents eye boogers REMEMBER NOT IN THE EYES JUST THE CORNERS I put the disclaimer right there don't sue me if you get messed up
  • Go to bed earlier so I'm not moving like the living dead
  • Keep my house robe within close reach to grab for how cold it is in the morning
  • Stop thinking about what other people are doing
  • Have a whole Wake Up Playlist
  • Stop referring to school as a prison it doesn't have to be a prison it all depends on how you see it, and the moment I change my view on it is the moment it changes completely!

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