Friday, February 10, 2012

Snakes And Stripes And Speaking

      Trying saying the title three times fast! Now that you're done trying allow me to tell you guys my experience with the Hiphop Preacher I know it sounds cheesy but it's not at all, it was a very moving experience I can't express how inspiring this guy really is he comes from a less than fortunate background and became a success and decided to share that success with everyone. The talk he had with us was so relateable and it made you think about just what exactly you wanted to go with your life what did you plan on doing what are your expectations and wants what is the strength of your drive to do better, because as long as better is a possibility why not strive for it. You can guys can check out just what exactly I'm talking about here and check him out on youtube as well


  1. that ring is the shit. :) 

  2. thank you!