Friday, February 17, 2012

Thinking, Singing and Shopping Therapy

                                                                      What's On My Mind

      So today was a verrrrrrrrrrrrrry good day, I did a bit of shopping for some tops at both Charlotte Russe and Forever21 and yes it was indeed therapeutic. I just felt better being surrounded by all the gorgeous pieces and leaving the store feeling triumphant and a post on my purchases are on the way.I've been thinking a lot, about cash. Cash necessary for college and other things, finances are very hard to come by when you have no transportation things get even harder, yet I have to keep my head up and take a look at my vision book and keep the whole The Secret mantra in my head, that success is on the way, and the moment you let the darkness cloud your vision that's when things get hard.
  As long as there's a will there's a way,there's plenty of will and a way will be found soon enough for me to finally get a proper job and bring in the proper income, listen to me I'm 17 and yet I stress over money like it's one of the most dire things in the world, I should be more concentrated on at least living first, but I've always been a go getter. I've been considering trying to find sponsorship for the blog, that way perhaps I can develop some sort of income by blogging and  by blogging I'm doing what I love it's just a matter of time, and a matter of mindset regardless I'm going to find my way I am going to find my proper place.
   Hey, you may have noticed if you look at my youtube I took done my shopping hauls, I want my youtube to be dedicated to my singing, singing is like the sweetest kind of therapy because music reaches you in a way that I admit a new clutch bag can't. The right lyrics,tempo, and melody can send shivers down my back and loosen chains that have clung to me like the sickest kind of weight. So check out my youtube for my singing ^_^             !

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