Monday, February 6, 2012

Who's Face Is That Anyway?

  I honestly sat down and thought to myself when I looked at my shirt and thought who's face is this exactly? Is she someone's hipster muse? Did she finish high school? Is she a model? Then I realized I was simply trying to distract myself from having to take pictures of my outfit today. Today's outfit is very simple, shimmery cardigan from Charlotte Russe, t-shirt from TJ Max,  Dots denim , Converse boots.
   I am exhausted and annoyed with school to the fullest, between scholarship upon scholarship and then essay upon essay, and then I'm constantly  stressed out about my lack of a job, because my lack of money leaves me hungry for shopping, and it's all an ugly miserable little cycle I won't allow myself to dwell on, I hope you all have an amazing day, do it for me at least!


  1. Great earrings! And I always think that when there are people on tshirts! :)


  2. lol I thought I was the only one