Saturday, March 31, 2012

Afraid To Fail?

    I really did manage to reach a lot of goals for myself this year. I finally took a moment to look within myself and ask what do I really want, typically I'd think of the most realistic thing and go for that but I saw a quote "what would you do if you weren't afraid to fail?" I could answer that question, if I wasn't afraid to fail I'd work harder on scholarships, I'd be louder and speak up more in school, I would of joined the cheer leading squad, I would of done the talent show way before my senior year, I would of tried out for plays, I would of done more auditions, I would of joined student council, but you see all those things are past tense for me now, and I'm not saying I've done absolutely nothing with my 4 years of school but I look back on all the things I could of achieved if I wasn't afraid  to fail. So now I always ask my self that question what would you do if you weren't afraid to fail and more ideas came along this year, I am happy and proud of myself for simply trying. I managed to do in the last 3 months alone:

  • Re-did my blog
  • Made youtube videos
  • Got my grades up to my level I know I CAN DO
  • NHS volunteer work together
  • Lost weight
  • Took AP classes
  • Applied for Wayne State
  • Got accepted to Wayne State
  • Worked on more scholarships
  • Participated in the blood drive
  • Performed in the Talent Show
  The craziest thing is this is only the beginning I'm going to do so much more live fearlessly and watch the things you can achieve!

Talent Show Look Details

  When I think talent show, I think sparkle, sequins AND GLITTER! I think dainty heels you can move in and work the crowd while maintaining an elegance. My make up look was inspired by  much sparkle and shimmer and maintained those big lashes that I adore with mascara and big eye lashes. I want a pair of the false lashes from the Katy Perry Eyelashes by Eyelur so bad! I will be wearing this style more often as well it was a last minute kind of thing and I really like it!


Last Night

 I had anxiety and excitement it was all coming down to the next ten seconds of my performing in the talent show. Several of my class peers would either see me triumph or fail, but somewhere deep down inside I knew this was my moment my time to take full attention and control the crowd nerves began to give way of their solid grip and I belted out the song to the best of my ability. I left the stage with a weight lifted and clearer vision it was done and over, I had done the impossible! I got over my fear of stage fright in front of so many, this was something I had wanted to do so badly.BUT, there were several technical difficulties my first CD was lost so no music was played, thankfully I brought an extra CD for cases just like this, I was supposed to go on first but I was then going on second and I pulled it together even in the face of immense embarrassment. Determination is what helped me get back on the stage and through the mistakes I made my real performance shine! Check it out below!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I Need A New Bag

Canvas bags are huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge this year but at starting to be out shined by neon bags. Neon bags have the benefit of continuously adding that perfect punch of color to any look all the time so I'm almost torn when I start looking at new bags I want. Retro femininity is what I want, in a look this year the fringe bag gives off the allure of a hippie chic look, then there's the radio bag which is bright and quirky,the mixed print bag I initially thought was ugly but it's cute in an ugly way and I need a bag with some room so that one is definitely a contender, the studded bag is of taste from my old days....(I was really into Gothic rocker chic type stuff when I was younger I mean I had black and white finger-less gloves all black everything and spiky gelled hair). I can't wait to go shopping for a new bag decisions, decisions.
When I'm Rich

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Have You Heard Of?

  June Ambrose top notch stylist showed off her stiletto work out which I tried out the other day. I saw her cute shoes and instinctively though "how bad can it be if you can look fierce while doing?" oh but I was so wrong I'm still sore from yesterday will I be doing it again.....YES! Soreness is a sign that you managed to use muscles that aren't used to being used therefore you really did get a worthy workout plus it's only 10 minutes, a little cardio added to it and I'm done how great is that?!

Eyelids Hang Heavy

  I can't stay awake today, nothing can fully revive me, today is one of those days you know the kind where you want to curl up in a blanket in a ball and just not move. Sadly, I don't have the luxury to find such rest in my effort to to be more revived I realize I need to start taking vitamins, perhaps that would help?
  Another simple outfit, bold colored pants are making a huge comeback if  get the chance I'd love a pair of pink ones ^_^

Monday, March 26, 2012

When I'm Rich

I've been obsessed with all of these things I go to sleep I see wedges, I wake up I daydream about fringe bags, floral print shorts are all I see...I'm OBSESSED!
When I'm Rich

Back Into The Frozen Tundra

  Michigan weather never ceases to amaze me, one week the weather remained in the 70-80 range and drops to the 40s over a simple weekend. At least the practically summer-like weather helped me practice for when it does get warm. I had a pretty good rehearsal at my talent show today, I'm so happy I'm managing to get over my extreme stage fright, it actually feels good to be on stage now :) today's outfit was pretty simple, I slipped the scarf on later in the day.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mother May I

 Mother may I borrow your stellar super amazing shoes? And she said yes! I'm in love with wedges especially ones such as these with such random color, and sparkle and oh my!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lemme See Lime Green!

  There's been a lot of talk of orange being IT this year in makeup in fashion, orange is going to have a moment in the spotlight for the summer but you know I always vote for the underdog, so I'm team lime green! My little bit to help support the Team Lime Green is depicted in this lime green cropped jacket today was such a simple outfit but come on it's only Wednesday. I had a decent day today, but tomorrow will be better.

(Is that a bug on my face?)

(omg it is)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Trayvon Martin

 Trayvon Martin, a 17 year old African American boy, living the ordinary life of a teenager with the desire to graduate, and finally be on his own  like any other kid, will never see 18. Trayvon had  normal wants and needs like you and I. Trayvon an ordinary boy who could have been your nephew or best friend maybe even your son was slain in the name of ignorance by a 28 year old man George Zimmerman whom of which had at least 100 pounds on the adolescent.
   My heart is heavy, and it breaks simply hearing about this story and yet it frightens me to the core. I myself have a younger brother bright, sweet with a great future ahead of him, but no one sees his intelligence, no one can see how loved he  is, but they can see color, they can see a stereotype, they can see what they see on movies and television screens.When you hear stories like this you tend to try and find a flaw, maybe he did something, maybe the man was provoked, but when it comes down to it you have to state the facts a young African American boy was killed out of mere suspicion by a simple man, and the story had been accepted by the police as simply that. It's a scary place we live in where stone age acts of murder such as this occurs on a day to day basis but it does Trayvon is one of many. 
  We may have lost Trayvon but what many others don't understand is that if a stand is not made not just among the black community many more could be cruelly lost. Trayvon could be any young adolescent whether black,white, hispanic because apparently from Zimmerman's point of view if you look "suspicious" which can be found here by his specific opinion you should be gunned down but if you feel otherwise you can help by signing the petition to get George Zimmerman behind bars, please it's one thing to feel sympathy but it's another to make an action and movement help is needed sign the petition here

Friday, March 16, 2012

Tribes and Bat Wings

  This is my new favorite top from Charlotte Russe, it's aztec inspired print with bat wing sleeves, it kind of resembles a dashiki lol. So I attempted to be a good citizen and got rejected, yes rejected I tried to give blood and was all of .2 points off from their standard of healthy blood. I was so sad and disappointed I really wanted to donate and help out, was kind of heartbroken for a good portion of the day over it. It was hard to stay depressed though especially with how beautiful the weather has been lately, but I don't want to be a Debbie Downer( I don't even know who Debbie is) but lets be real, I live in Michigan and perfect 70s weather does not last, I'm getting my winter gear prepared as of now, so I'll try to enjoy it as is and hopefully you do to!

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Weather and I

  I'm on a mission like no other my last post was ranting and complaining but no longer because

  •  I know what I want
  • I know I have to work
  • I know what kind of work I have to do
  • I've been able to pull off massive mountains of work such as this before
  • I got this!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

School Related Irritations

      As you can probably guess from the title of the post I'm severely irritated, and the only thing keeping me from tripping out is the fact that I indeed have found my prom dress and as much as I would love to share with everyone the make shift pics I took as I pranced around in my dress you will have to wait until May 11th to see it. The cause of my irritation is none other than school work it drives me nothing less than mad, when I realize I have about 46 days I believe left in the school year, yet I have teachers who are trying to pile on work that's worth an entire. Is the rest of this post going to be a rant you may ask, if you guessed yes you would be right. On top of the mountain of assignments I'm being bombarded with I have to create a portfolio, and am wondering should I add this sweet little blog of mine to it, I mean the blog is a source of my creative little bubble. I exercise my journalism skills when creating posts such as these, I practice my writing skills and it displays my work ethic how I manage to try and post something at least every day or at least every other day....hmm I may add it to portfolio after all. I need to do more work on the blog, it's lacking a certain oomf lately I just don't know what.

Friday, March 9, 2012

I Can't Wait For Summer

  I want a 60's pin up look for summer, classy, feminine and flirty with strong punches of colors all over and fun prints like polka dots and stripes! I cannot wait until the summer!!!!

60's Sucker

Bows And The Sun

  Went on a field trip you may notice a lack of outfit posts, well I'm in a style rut and I can't keep up with Michigan's weather, there was literally 5 minute segments of what looked like a blizzard crashing down and stopping starting again and then abruptly stopping again, one second the sun is out the next it's freezing but that's no excuse I have a lot on my mind, and haven't been paying enough attention to my closet I will do better. I've been prom dress hunting and I found a contender but it's not "The One", but I'm close I know I will be getting my dress this week I can feel it. Here's the outfit very simple post clad with my funny looking face enjoy!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Not Feeling It

  I haven't been feeling my hair lately, I haven't been feeling it at all the length is awkward and harder to get it in a specific style, I keep doing the same thing with my bobby pins over and over again and I need inspiration desperately! So where do I go when I'm in desperation of style inspiration none other than the infamous 

The site is full of wonderful natural hair styles of all kinds that are submitted by real women! A little inspiration was indeed found it always helps to remind yourself why you're doing what you're doing and I need a little reminder as to why I've gone natural.


© Jilan Nasher Photography




he was chris brown for like 2 seconds

Kaya Know She A Bad Bitch !! lol


Prom Dress Hunting

  I'm officially on  the hunt for a glamorous prom dress that looks a lot like Milla Jovovich's dress at the Oscars you remember this little number right

Now as much as I adore this dress the reality is it's going to be hard to find a replica of this dress and it may be hard to even find a dress similar even if I had to get it in a different color so I took a step further and recognized another dress that would be perfect for prom as long as I can get it in a different color.

   Yes I loooooooooooove the whole look the dress the hair the accessories love it. and it would be perfect if I could find it in a pale yellow this dress is a close second to the kind of gown I've been fainting over for quite some time. I can't wait for prom, I mean the day before prom I have an A.P. test :/ even though I  know I'm going to pass it, it would be nice to not have that anvil looming over my head the day before prom!

*side note* I'm not very concerned with prom shoes at the moment I know I'll wear heels in my pictures but when it comes to actually being at prom I'm slipping on some flats immediately!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

When I'm Rich

I can't wait for summer jobs and the heat and the warmth and the sun and color blocking of course!

When I'm Rich

Monday, March 5, 2012

Neon Pink!

   Get ready for the pinkest sweater you've ever seen......

BOOM! Epic right :)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Regimen and Recognition

  My natural hair is a source of bothersome frustration, I used to really enjoy my natural hair, but now I really just want the length! I want my big curly fro...NOW! I admit I've been continuously comparing my hair length and growth to others and I know that's bad but at times I can't help it but then I began comparing regimens. I completely forgot my last regimen I had braids in for a bit over three months and completely forgot my previous regimen which means now is the time to develop a proper regimen to promote healthier growth of my hair. As soon as my hair got long enough to twist that's all I've worn twist outs! I haven't worn a real wash and go in the longest time and I don't plan on changing that (I get so much crazy shrinkage when I just wash my hair oh my goodness it's ridiculous!) so I plan on going with twistouts until my next weave. My regimen is currently:

Twist my dry hair whilst detangling
Prepoo with hot oil treatment on detangled hair (while hair is still in twists)
Shampoo(whilst still in twists)
Condition(yup I'm still in twists)
Deep condition(not taking one twist out still)
Once I wash out the deep conditioner I go over my hair with oil and leave in conditioner (Aussie's leave in conditioner the spray) while it's wet and I let my hair dry while in the twists
Once my hair is done drying mostly(my hair takes forever to dry so as soon as it's dry just enough that's when I attack...I mean began taking down the twists)
Once my hair is dry I put my hair in twists again but this time I do it with an actual style in mind with gel on the ends so when I undo them in the morning it holds a curl and then in the morning take down the new twists and I have a twist out! I only do the whole washing portion once a week, and I only shampoo once a month.
  I'm going to do this regimen until September( my official two years natural anniversary hopefully by then I'll have some length to show for it) I'm praying for big hair for the summer!


Julia Gravano by Mario Epanya for Winkler magazine


    Senior-itis is is strong and growing within me. The virus is taking over my mind, it's getting harder and harder for me to walk these simple hallways continuously seeing the same old faces and all the same old things,.I admit I am a lover of being comfortable, but I feel I've gotten too comfortable with the same old regimen, perhaps change really is needed. I'm ecstatic for prom, and graduating, because once I graduate I will have more time to dod what I really want that is between working and college, but still there is more of a sense of independence I can feel that comes with the idea of leaving high school. Then again I think about how this is my last year for everything, last dances and games and pep rallies before I enter the dreaded world of college life, I don't know if I'm ready to grow up and leave I've got it good right now, but regardless the future is quickly becoming the present all I can do is hold on tight to faith that I can make it.

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Fat Twin Sister!!

Okay so I'm officially addicted to this girl's videos she does OOTD make up reviews and just has such a personality she's funny and this video hit home for me because if you watch youtube vids I know for fact you have come across this in one time or another

February's Length Check

The growth I found in February wasn't much at all, but how much can hair seriously grow in 29 days anyway?!

Sorry for the bad quality it was so early when I took these pics and I needed to get a post out there!

No Excuses!

   I haven't blogged since Monday for several reasons allow me to explain:


Yup that's it all laid out right there I'm singing Rolling In The Deep by Adele I know everyone has sung that song, but I'm not doing the talent show because of everybody else I'm doing it for me and if I don't get in then at least I can say I tried :)I have been studying like mad getting my FASFA situation sorted out apparently my last name isn't my last name, on my SS card I'm a Bynum(my mom's maiden name) not a Johnson the site would be originally DeeBee Speaks which lacks the ring of Deejay Speaks obviously so yea school really almost got the best of me, by the way I will most definitely be doing a post on my hair length last month it's incredible how time is literally speeding by, prom will be here soon I know I want a dress that exact style as seen on the incredibly gorgeous Milla Jovovich I just want to change the color to maybe god or if I could find it in pale yellow I would be in heaven!