Saturday, March 31, 2012

Afraid To Fail?

    I really did manage to reach a lot of goals for myself this year. I finally took a moment to look within myself and ask what do I really want, typically I'd think of the most realistic thing and go for that but I saw a quote "what would you do if you weren't afraid to fail?" I could answer that question, if I wasn't afraid to fail I'd work harder on scholarships, I'd be louder and speak up more in school, I would of joined the cheer leading squad, I would of done the talent show way before my senior year, I would of tried out for plays, I would of done more auditions, I would of joined student council, but you see all those things are past tense for me now, and I'm not saying I've done absolutely nothing with my 4 years of school but I look back on all the things I could of achieved if I wasn't afraid  to fail. So now I always ask my self that question what would you do if you weren't afraid to fail and more ideas came along this year, I am happy and proud of myself for simply trying. I managed to do in the last 3 months alone:

  • Re-did my blog
  • Made youtube videos
  • Got my grades up to my level I know I CAN DO
  • NHS volunteer work together
  • Lost weight
  • Took AP classes
  • Applied for Wayne State
  • Got accepted to Wayne State
  • Worked on more scholarships
  • Participated in the blood drive
  • Performed in the Talent Show
  The craziest thing is this is only the beginning I'm going to do so much more live fearlessly and watch the things you can achieve!


  1. Thats amazing that u managed to achieve all those goals! And thanks hun , Im always nail polish crazy haha.. Maybe you should take a look at the album I made yesterday (with most of the nail polish looks I ever posted on my blog)

    Have a lovely day xx

  2. How beautiful you are! Great post and very inspirational... Im too afraid of failing... but I think that sometimes you just need to let it go and do at least one thing of your list... But I think that you have accomplished so much already... so keep on going =)