Saturday, March 31, 2012

Last Night

 I had anxiety and excitement it was all coming down to the next ten seconds of my performing in the talent show. Several of my class peers would either see me triumph or fail, but somewhere deep down inside I knew this was my moment my time to take full attention and control the crowd nerves began to give way of their solid grip and I belted out the song to the best of my ability. I left the stage with a weight lifted and clearer vision it was done and over, I had done the impossible! I got over my fear of stage fright in front of so many, this was something I had wanted to do so badly.BUT, there were several technical difficulties my first CD was lost so no music was played, thankfully I brought an extra CD for cases just like this, I was supposed to go on first but I was then going on second and I pulled it together even in the face of immense embarrassment. Determination is what helped me get back on the stage and through the mistakes I made my real performance shine! Check it out below!

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