Friday, March 2, 2012

No Excuses!

   I haven't blogged since Monday for several reasons allow me to explain:


Yup that's it all laid out right there I'm singing Rolling In The Deep by Adele I know everyone has sung that song, but I'm not doing the talent show because of everybody else I'm doing it for me and if I don't get in then at least I can say I tried :)I have been studying like mad getting my FASFA situation sorted out apparently my last name isn't my last name, on my SS card I'm a Bynum(my mom's maiden name) not a Johnson the site would be originally DeeBee Speaks which lacks the ring of Deejay Speaks obviously so yea school really almost got the best of me, by the way I will most definitely be doing a post on my hair length last month it's incredible how time is literally speeding by, prom will be here soon I know I want a dress that exact style as seen on the incredibly gorgeous Milla Jovovich I just want to change the color to maybe god or if I could find it in pale yellow I would be in heaven!

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