Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Regimen and Recognition

  My natural hair is a source of bothersome frustration, I used to really enjoy my natural hair, but now I really just want the length! I want my big curly fro...NOW! I admit I've been continuously comparing my hair length and growth to others and I know that's bad but at times I can't help it but then I began comparing regimens. I completely forgot my last regimen I had braids in for a bit over three months and completely forgot my previous regimen which means now is the time to develop a proper regimen to promote healthier growth of my hair. As soon as my hair got long enough to twist that's all I've worn twist outs! I haven't worn a real wash and go in the longest time and I don't plan on changing that (I get so much crazy shrinkage when I just wash my hair oh my goodness it's ridiculous!) so I plan on going with twistouts until my next weave. My regimen is currently:

Twist my dry hair whilst detangling
Prepoo with hot oil treatment on detangled hair (while hair is still in twists)
Shampoo(whilst still in twists)
Condition(yup I'm still in twists)
Deep condition(not taking one twist out still)
Once I wash out the deep conditioner I go over my hair with oil and leave in conditioner (Aussie's leave in conditioner the spray) while it's wet and I let my hair dry while in the twists
Once my hair is done drying mostly(my hair takes forever to dry so as soon as it's dry just enough that's when I attack...I mean began taking down the twists)
Once my hair is dry I put my hair in twists again but this time I do it with an actual style in mind with gel on the ends so when I undo them in the morning it holds a curl and then in the morning take down the new twists and I have a twist out! I only do the whole washing portion once a week, and I only shampoo once a month.
  I'm going to do this regimen until September( my official two years natural anniversary hopefully by then I'll have some length to show for it) I'm praying for big hair for the summer!


Julia Gravano by Mario Epanya for Winkler magazine


  1. prettyyyyyyyyyyy

  2. natural hair is always the way forwards!xx

  3. Love your eye shadow!! great look for you.