Monday, March 19, 2012

Trayvon Martin

 Trayvon Martin, a 17 year old African American boy, living the ordinary life of a teenager with the desire to graduate, and finally be on his own  like any other kid, will never see 18. Trayvon had  normal wants and needs like you and I. Trayvon an ordinary boy who could have been your nephew or best friend maybe even your son was slain in the name of ignorance by a 28 year old man George Zimmerman whom of which had at least 100 pounds on the adolescent.
   My heart is heavy, and it breaks simply hearing about this story and yet it frightens me to the core. I myself have a younger brother bright, sweet with a great future ahead of him, but no one sees his intelligence, no one can see how loved he  is, but they can see color, they can see a stereotype, they can see what they see on movies and television screens.When you hear stories like this you tend to try and find a flaw, maybe he did something, maybe the man was provoked, but when it comes down to it you have to state the facts a young African American boy was killed out of mere suspicion by a simple man, and the story had been accepted by the police as simply that. It's a scary place we live in where stone age acts of murder such as this occurs on a day to day basis but it does Trayvon is one of many. 
  We may have lost Trayvon but what many others don't understand is that if a stand is not made not just among the black community many more could be cruelly lost. Trayvon could be any young adolescent whether black,white, hispanic because apparently from Zimmerman's point of view if you look "suspicious" which can be found here by his specific opinion you should be gunned down but if you feel otherwise you can help by signing the petition to get George Zimmerman behind bars, please it's one thing to feel sympathy but it's another to make an action and movement help is needed sign the petition here

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