Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Lusted List

I'm obsessed with the platform sneaker. Platform sneakers seem so dramatic and yet comfortable at the same time. I love these shoes so much right now, I'm desperately in need of a pair.
Lusted List

Friday, April 27, 2012

Betsey Johnson Bankrupt?

  My designer idol Miss Betsey Johnson has filed for bankruptcy! How is this even possible? Is this real life?! Betsey zany, whimsical,interesting,eye catching Betsey has fallen victim to the crappy economy...well not Betsey exactly but at least 350 of Betsey's workers have. We can only hope that the line can comeback and regain popularity that way those innocent workers won't have to pay the price by the way Betsey and her daughter recently signed on for a reality television show called Betsey+ Lulu on the Style Channel that I'm excited for hopefully the publicity will stop any further losses her company is facing. Check out more on her upcoming show here

It's Fridaaaaaaaaaaaay!

  It's Friday and guess what I'm going to do....SLEEP. I am going to sleep because I am sleepy, I don't care for parties and a social life I need some rest, I'll be social another weekend but for now let me get reacquainted with my bed toodles my pretties!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

It's Over

  The day started off fine, ended kind of with a headache. I truly am ready to graduate I need new spaces, new air, new faces, new voices, the environment I currently am in at school is tired, stale, and repetitive and it's rare when it gets better. The week is almost up then I can finally breathe over the weekend. It's all a matter of proving you can finish strong, and I will it's that simple.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Polls Are In!

  Well technically the polls just got put up but feel free to voice your opinion and let me know what you want to see!

Today's outfit simple white striped poncho from Dots, long sleeve shirt from Dots, and pants from Rue21, ring Ebay, and earrings Ebay.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's Not Always Black and White

  You ever in one of those moods where you don't feel bad, but you don't necessarily feel too good either. Like your basically dog paddling through a grey area that's where I am right now with this blog. I'm not doing a bad job but I'm not doing a great one, I'm going to be holding a poll soon and please let me know by voting on what you want to see as my audience would really appreciate the feedback : )

Monday, April 23, 2012

Yet Another Monday

   Soo ever since I've begun setting my alarm to 5 in the morning I find myself waking up at least ten minutes before hand because I know my alarm is about to go off. It's like I'm hesitant because of the startling kind of sound my alarm makes and it's no good because I need that extra ten minutes of sleep -__-. Besides my insomnia, Monday has been going quite well I signed up to give blood again, the last time was an epic fail,my hemoglobin count was off by 2 points :(  this time I should be ready.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Anecdotes and What Not

  Allow me to explain something to you guys I am a lot of things, I'm open minded, nice, shy and well AWKWARD PAINFULLY AWKWARD. I am very well one of thee most single anti-social creatures to ever clumsily trip across this Earth. You see what I do to hide my painfully awkwardness is I make people laugh, if I can get you to laugh with me then I can get you not to notice that one of the buttons on my top is fastened improperly. I came to this conclusion this week because I was in the mall (because I would live there if I could) where I am approached by a young lady that I remember from middle school I say her name proudly as she assumed I wouldn't remember I smiled with confidence, I practically did the "I remember your name" dance. But you see, the reason why that dance would not continue is simply because I said her name wrong by one letter.... there wasn't a hole big enough for me to roll over and die in so I stood there apologizing like the idiot I am and focused on trying to disappear. You ever notice your brain is so wonderful at remembering terrible events or embarrassing moments, but those epic seconds where you actually win at life are hard to remember, that's probably just me. So I decided I would be adding a lot more anecdotes such as this to the blog and that's the "what not" to this post, have a wonderful day toodles!

Make Them Good Girls Go Bad!

 Hurray another outfit post see, I'm starting to catch up a bit more : ).  I went shopping today went back to Glitter and I believe it may be the last time I go there, not because it's bad but because it's so crowded >:| I went in and straight out I knew exactly what I wanted. My face the entire time while in the store can be seen below

Me when I finally reached the cash register

Me when I realized my mom was still looking over the massive earring wall

My happy little purchases I really love the vintage, antique stuff as far as my accessories right now and I just realized I still desperately need a new bag!!

(Hot pink sweater from Charlotte Russe, leather vest from Candies, skinnies from TJ Maxx.)

Denim Denim Denim

    Allow me to explain my absence...well you see I have had no inspiration really this week to blog I hit a rough patch that I'm not proud of. It's been SCHOOL, SCHOOL,SCHOOL consistently for me but I had to take initiative and at least get out this post. Allow me to waste your time explaining yet another excuse for the lack of posts there names are You and Tube. I've grown addicted to YouTube specifically NigaHiga, Sweet Poetrie and Danisnotonfire . Niga Higa makes me laugh uncontrollably and lately I've needed a really good laugh, Sweet Poetrie is funny and I love her style and make up, Danisnotonfire is funny...and attractive  ^_^.  I know those aren't good excuses but I will do better, I always do : )
My outfit from Friday, the denim top is from Forever21, black jeggings are from TJ Maxx and my earrings are from Ebay! Ring is from um....PAYLESS!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Can't Wait For Summer Days

   This is a cute play suit I bought from Love Culture, it combines both the lace trend and the denim revival in once simple outfit, perfect for a hot summer day, I can see myself pairing it with a neon pink bag and a great pair of sky high wedges.

These are a few of the things I bought at Glitter

Casual Monday

  I got up at 5:50 this morning made myself workout and you know what happened? My day was not bad. I wasn't as tired seeing as how I'm just coming from break and especially for a Monday, the day went fairly well. By the way I've got a few purchases from Love Culture I've been dying to share with you as well as a few accessories.


( D.I.Y. project of mine this ring came from a broken bangle)

I got this earrings in this new shop called Glitter.

The Love Culture post is on it's way!

Sunday, April 15, 2012


  Katerina Graham, actress( she plays Bonnie my favorite character on Vampire Diaries) / singer/dancer/lover of fashion/ my new obsession. I'm addicted to this song, I find myself sitting down humming loudly to the thrumming beat and sassy lyrics of Kat Graham's Put Your Graffiti On Me! The song is fun and will get you moving, the style of the video is bright and edgy and something I haven't seen in a long time was presented in the video as well...DANCING! Kat Graham dances and dances well! I miss when videos used to be fun and the singer would actually have an entire routine set up and it has interesting choreography it keeps everything upbeat we need more from Kat Graham! As a new fan of Kat Graham it gets frustrating when all you hear on YouTube from time to time is "Oh my God what is Bonnie doing" "Since when does Bonnie sing", excuse you but do you not see the video titled Kat Graham ok it has nothing to do with Vampire Diaries, it's called being versatile. Lets be honest as much as I love Vampire Diaries, it's not going to last forever it's best to have a back up plan, and Katerina is setting that plan up as we speak so go Kat Graham!


In My Hair

  So lately I've been using the dreaded, feared, most anti-natural product ever...grease. Yes I said it, grease the very product natural haired women fear and squeal at has been tossed in my strands once again. I've used hair grease in my hair ever since I was a little girl and experienced no hair troubles whatsoever so why did I ever stop using it? I hopped on the product junkie bandwagon and fell victim to shea butters, conditioners, leave ins and every other possible product I could get my hands on. I avoided petrolatum like mad, but then I realized why not go back to basics? The grease I have used is Tea Tree Oil grease, it's left my hair soft and actual has some slight sheen and leaves my hair easy to detangle. I've had no issues with using grease but that's just my hair, I noticed many more natural haired women using grease in their hair as well, but remember everything works with everyone differently such as on African Exports(love her youtube channel like mad!)

Writing and I

      When I'm frustrated or upset, I find myself writing. I create a character and give her a parallel appearance, a bizarre location and create a story. My emotions can be seen interlaced throughout the quick story I'll create. Somewhere deep in the short story there is some relate able truth. Some little bits and pieces of myself I leave behind in each line. I don't know why I put so much of myself into my writing, perhaps if I can drop off the stress, or leave the dust of my path on a simple page I feel as though it will change my reality, or can better help me bare the weight of everything before me.
     I've been stressing myself out more and more as the school year approaches it's end and I find more characters are being born left and right. Characters and plot lines are riddled on napkins, or on the back of old assignments. Boredom seeps in like a slick oil and finds it's way to bring out old events and old emotions practically bringing them alive. The pencil, or pen, maybe even my fingers dance translating every piece of me,  inspiration from my semi-mundane life and I can take this life of mine and create something extraordinary from it.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


  I was sitting looking at this very blog, and remembering about how my blog was before hand, it was nothing but pictures of other people, pictures of nothing but what someone else was doing. My prior blog wasn't my blog, it was the host to inspiration, but it wasn't the host to expression. I recreated my blog December 26th 2011, this time I had pictures of my own, a voice of my own, an originality to share. I was going mad about obtaining a proper camera, all I have is my weak little webcam but I've made the most of it. I remember way back when I had a tumblr blog and I thought I could promote my blog through my tumblr big bad mistake, I tried to get followers on my tumblr you know why, more followers means more viewers, which means more people to try and promote my blogger to, but that didn't work :/
   I'm proud of my current blog. I can express myself, there's no pressure to keep up with others, it's not a competition, but I admit I miss tumblr. I love all those different blogs, different views, different kinds of styles and ideas and how quick it is to get to them, but I have all of that here in my blogosphere.

The Coveted List

 Inspired by the Saved By The Bell cast leggo!

coveted list

Monday, April 9, 2012

The Wedges

Classic, chic,versatile sky high wedges A MUST HAVE for the Spring. Bought from a great retail online store with reasonable prices!

So the shoes pretty much make me about 6 feet 6 foot 2 in the least and well...I love it, I feel like a glamazon in these shoes aaagh!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Success and Struggle

  There are so many days I could lie in my bed, for hours and strictly daydream and on off sleep. Daydreaming and napping unnecessarily is indeed wasting time but I grow so tired simply thinking, thinking about my future, there are so many unanswered questions. How am I going to afford college, what if I  get lost on campus, what if I suck at college work, what if I want to change my major, a million things circulate my mind but I hold faith that regardless I'll reach the place I'm supposed to be at I just need to be prepared to do the work.
    So all this extra lying in bed is holding me back from getting the absolute most out of my day starting Monday I'm getting up with  a moment's hesitation, and working out, getting dressed and making sure I get something if anything accomplished for the day lounging around the house doesn't cut it, for the life that I want for myself.

Spring Break Plans

  • Sleeping
  • Working Out
  • Getting some college things settled
  • Scholarships
  • Getting a new purse
  • Perhaps some fun
  • Sleeping
I know it's Spring Break and it looks like I'm more ready for doing work than actually partying and what not but I'll save that for the Summer, but right now I need some rest and to get my energy back up which means, rest and cardio.
 I really fell off the ball last week I need to stay motivated, I realize the reason I lacked so much energy is the  lack of exercise and health food I was practically avoiding. I'll do better I always do, my mood changes completely when I exercise and when I don't and here's the reason why:


Happy Easter!!!

  Wishing you the best Happy Resurrection Day possible may your house explode with jelly beans and lets not forget the meaning behind the holiday toodles! A little pastel inspiration :)

Pastels <3

Thursday, April 5, 2012

4 Things!

I've been dreaming of....
Spring Break
Living peaceful with the idea of....
Spring Break
I've been hoping for....
Spring Break
I'm pretty sure I'm in love with....
Spring Break 

Sleeping in, some shopping and time to do nothing le sigh I can't wait!


  So Tuesday I became a permanent member of the National Honor Society. I know big whoop the geek is now permanently a geek, but things like National Honor Society are great for volunteer work opportunities and helps open doors so if I must be called Geek then do so!
  The ceremony was surprisingly quick, and they said a lot of sweet words about hard work and doing community service, it was a fast, nice, induction.

I get to wear my sash with my cap and gown at graduation ^_^!

Monday, April 2, 2012


    I have a new obsession....nail art. I always paint my own nails a cute color from time to time but I want to start doing a few nail D.I.Y.s.


  The pastel shades are perfect for Spring and Summer not to forget but look closely.....GLITTER!
Sparkly nails have been on my mind a lot check out my nails for instance

I will be investing in so many more nail colors, nail polish haul anyone?


  Do you have your stunner shades? ....Yea lets not call glasses that anymore :) but I have some spectacular options for sunglasses this year the trendiest sunglasses looks are *drum roll*


Sunglasses! by nesha9416 featuring black oversized sunglasses

Sunglasses necessary for shielding the eyes as the sun becomes more and more dominant a.k.a get out those super cool shades cause it's hot outside girl! Three big trends for sunglasses, is having a quirky frame like the heart glasses, the round lenses for that old school starlett look ( or for looking like a super cute bug), and last but not least the cool as ice gradient styled glasses like the fading colors in the ray bans above. I personally would grab my pair of heart shaped glasses, my big floppy hat, and super cute pair of wedges.