Saturday, April 21, 2012

Anecdotes and What Not

  Allow me to explain something to you guys I am a lot of things, I'm open minded, nice, shy and well AWKWARD PAINFULLY AWKWARD. I am very well one of thee most single anti-social creatures to ever clumsily trip across this Earth. You see what I do to hide my painfully awkwardness is I make people laugh, if I can get you to laugh with me then I can get you not to notice that one of the buttons on my top is fastened improperly. I came to this conclusion this week because I was in the mall (because I would live there if I could) where I am approached by a young lady that I remember from middle school I say her name proudly as she assumed I wouldn't remember I smiled with confidence, I practically did the "I remember your name" dance. But you see, the reason why that dance would not continue is simply because I said her name wrong by one letter.... there wasn't a hole big enough for me to roll over and die in so I stood there apologizing like the idiot I am and focused on trying to disappear. You ever notice your brain is so wonderful at remembering terrible events or embarrassing moments, but those epic seconds where you actually win at life are hard to remember, that's probably just me. So I decided I would be adding a lot more anecdotes such as this to the blog and that's the "what not" to this post, have a wonderful day toodles!

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