Saturday, April 21, 2012

Denim Denim Denim

    Allow me to explain my absence...well you see I have had no inspiration really this week to blog I hit a rough patch that I'm not proud of. It's been SCHOOL, SCHOOL,SCHOOL consistently for me but I had to take initiative and at least get out this post. Allow me to waste your time explaining yet another excuse for the lack of posts there names are You and Tube. I've grown addicted to YouTube specifically NigaHiga, Sweet Poetrie and Danisnotonfire . Niga Higa makes me laugh uncontrollably and lately I've needed a really good laugh, Sweet Poetrie is funny and I love her style and make up, Danisnotonfire is funny...and attractive  ^_^.  I know those aren't good excuses but I will do better, I always do : )
My outfit from Friday, the denim top is from Forever21, black jeggings are from TJ Maxx and my earrings are from Ebay! Ring is from um....PAYLESS!

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