Sunday, April 15, 2012


  Katerina Graham, actress( she plays Bonnie my favorite character on Vampire Diaries) / singer/dancer/lover of fashion/ my new obsession. I'm addicted to this song, I find myself sitting down humming loudly to the thrumming beat and sassy lyrics of Kat Graham's Put Your Graffiti On Me! The song is fun and will get you moving, the style of the video is bright and edgy and something I haven't seen in a long time was presented in the video as well...DANCING! Kat Graham dances and dances well! I miss when videos used to be fun and the singer would actually have an entire routine set up and it has interesting choreography it keeps everything upbeat we need more from Kat Graham! As a new fan of Kat Graham it gets frustrating when all you hear on YouTube from time to time is "Oh my God what is Bonnie doing" "Since when does Bonnie sing", excuse you but do you not see the video titled Kat Graham ok it has nothing to do with Vampire Diaries, it's called being versatile. Lets be honest as much as I love Vampire Diaries, it's not going to last forever it's best to have a back up plan, and Katerina is setting that plan up as we speak so go Kat Graham!


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