Sunday, April 15, 2012

In My Hair

  So lately I've been using the dreaded, feared, most anti-natural product ever...grease. Yes I said it, grease the very product natural haired women fear and squeal at has been tossed in my strands once again. I've used hair grease in my hair ever since I was a little girl and experienced no hair troubles whatsoever so why did I ever stop using it? I hopped on the product junkie bandwagon and fell victim to shea butters, conditioners, leave ins and every other possible product I could get my hands on. I avoided petrolatum like mad, but then I realized why not go back to basics? The grease I have used is Tea Tree Oil grease, it's left my hair soft and actual has some slight sheen and leaves my hair easy to detangle. I've had no issues with using grease but that's just my hair, I noticed many more natural haired women using grease in their hair as well, but remember everything works with everyone differently such as on African Exports(love her youtube channel like mad!)

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