Monday, April 2, 2012


  Do you have your stunner shades? ....Yea lets not call glasses that anymore :) but I have some spectacular options for sunglasses this year the trendiest sunglasses looks are *drum roll*


Sunglasses! by nesha9416 featuring black oversized sunglasses

Sunglasses necessary for shielding the eyes as the sun becomes more and more dominant a.k.a get out those super cool shades cause it's hot outside girl! Three big trends for sunglasses, is having a quirky frame like the heart glasses, the round lenses for that old school starlett look ( or for looking like a super cute bug), and last but not least the cool as ice gradient styled glasses like the fading colors in the ray bans above. I personally would grab my pair of heart shaped glasses, my big floppy hat, and super cute pair of wedges.

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