Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The First Last Day

  Today is my first day before the last day of high school ever and I must say I feel ready to leave, not that my years at Melvindale weren't nice I enjoyed high school it's just that I always knew I would leave. I was always aware that this moment in my life is strictly going to last 4 years and that's it, and that it would all end just like middle school did and elementary school.I'm not entirely sad about the situation I mean honestly if I'm true friends with the people I say I am, then I won't lose touch, I need this change of scenery and to be surrounded by others and with that said I shall post today's OOTD and get to studying for the rest of my final exams smooches! *By the way I'm considering a move to Hawaii my 2nd year of college simply a consideration*

Dress from Charlotte Russe :)

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