Sunday, May 20, 2012

Goals Goals Goals!

  My last set of goals from last year included

  • Dying my hair dark blue
  • Doing good in school
  • Re-did my blog
  • Stayed away from Tumblr
  • Got accepted into Wayne State
The new set of goals I achieved included

  • Finish my senior portfolio
  • Gave blood in the blood drive
  • Performed in the Talent Show
  • Worked on scholarships
  • Have an amazing time at prom
The even newer set of goals are currently
  • Lose 5 more lbs.
  • Get some head shots done
  • Get graduation pictures done
  • Work on my book
  • Do amazing on my finals
  • Driving lessons
  • Get up to 50 followers
  • D.I.Y. a pair of these biscuit shoes I have
   The new set of goals are here lets go!

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