Sunday, May 20, 2012


        The reception I've gotten once I have acquired this new weave is well a little disheartening. When I wear my hair natural it's simply that, natural, it's the original, untainted image of my hair but the moment I wear weave, suddenly I've been noticed and actually looked at by the male population O.o. The weave isn't staying in, I'll keep it until after graduation and then who knows what. Does this mean that if I wanted for guys to notice me and be attracted to me I would have to keep a weave in my hair??? Thank God for my awesome confidence, and self esteem because the message I'm being sent right now would completely mess with someone of a weaker mind and weaker confidence in his or her self.
       The moral of the story is I know what I look like, I love what I look like regardless of a weave, natural hair, straight hair, or whatever I decide to decorate my head with. I own the fact that I have the choice and decision to do as I please with myself, and my time but if you never talked to me before I changed my hair don't think I'll give you the time of day after. I actually enjoy my weave it's a great protective style didn't take long, and I don't have to worry about twisting and doing this and that to my hair before I go to bed, it's a time saver. As far as my looks, I feel like I was just as attractive with my hair natural as with the weave and anyone who thinks otherwise needs to keep their opinion to themselves because they do not matter, my opinion matters because I am me and whatever I decide to do with my hair is my business.


  1. That's so frustrating :( I think you look beautiful both ways! Men are dumb sometimes & just go for what look familiar, & nowadays it seems like everyone has a weave. I'm so proud of you for having such a strong sense of self :)

  2. Hang in there - it can be disheartening but yu know yourself, that's the most important thing.  And everyday, I see more natural girls and many have partners so some of the fellas must not be dumb, LOL!  You do look beautiful both ways....