Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Dress and I!

I'm currently adoring this lovely dress from it's graceful and chic and the color has the potential to add some amazing accessories. I can see it now wearing this dress with white pumps perhaps tweed wedges a hot pink clutch and white earrings.

Fashion Apps

I'm going, only a bit app crazy with my new Android phone. I love the current apps Pose a chic photo sharing where you post photos from hair,fashion,nails and inspiration. If your currently on Pose be sure to follow me my name is deejayposes. I'm also in love with a few street style apps like Street Stye Gallery with an awesome ever lasting place of fashion inspiration. Style and the City is also an awesome app where you can create albums and view other albums of fashion moguls on the go like that of June Ambrose and Teen Vogue's accessory director Shiona Turini. All of these apps are but of course free it's great having style inspiration on the go even better to have an app for that!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Slight Change In Plans

  So remember that natural hair post I did a wee back here well instead of getting twists installed I had a change of heart and got my good old box braids back! I added some color in the front if you can't see it in the pictures I'm sure I'll post something on instagram soon enough, so you're going want to check that out my username is @deejayzface.  Besides the new hair guess what else has happened first time ever trying color blocking! I don't know what came over me but I suddenly had the urge to just try it already and here it is, this is an older top from Charlotte Russe and a skirt from Charlotte Russe as well (I kind of love that store and we're getting hitched next Tuesday whoop whoop!)

We Are All People Or Have We Forgotten That?

  I have been doing style inspiration features on both celebrities and bloggers alike, because I love the idea of being able to pull inspiration from both sides of the spectrum and show you my lovely followers that we don't have to have millions of dollars or be on the silver screen to look good! I love celebs that you can tell have personal style outside of a stylist and I love bloggers with a specific kind of style so I shall be doing ONE CELEB STYLE INSPIRATION POST and ONE BLOGGER INSPIRATION POST every week for now on, hope you guys enjoy!

Are You Familiar With The Lion Kingdom?

  I am so very happy to introduce Ms. Jacque of The Lion Kingdom! Jacque is currently my new blogger style inspiration and I am very happy to share with you her blog besides her looks she also writes lovely personal anecdotes about her life and lets be frank a lot of bloggers don't do that anymore.

   Jacque's style is about fun, being youthful and a great touch of  originality and for that she's my blogger inspiration. Is her hair not amazing, she's my current hair crush as well!

 You can truly tell what she favors with each of her looks paying attention to fit and color if you like what you see go check her out over on

Guess Who's From The D!!

  The gorgeous Crystal Reed who plays kick butt Allison Argent on Teen Wolf is from Detroit, Michigan a little tidbit I was completely unaware of and get this she's only 3 years older than I am can you believe this!!!!! I'm from Detroit she's from Detroit, she went to Wayne State University, I'm heading to Wayne State University it just kind of amazes me when you find out one of the people you actually admire have some of the same background as you and I find it kind of inspiring as well. 
   When you find commonalities with these glamorous actors or actresses it's a surreal moment when you recognize hey they're human too. I just got a little inspired when I found that she was from Michigan, you see I would love getting into the media and being a journalist and maybe someday I could be interviewing Ms. Crystal Reed herself and besides inspiring me in a career minded way she has also inspired my style!

There's something glamorous and edgy to each of her looks and I love it!

The bit of sparkle in the skirt really makes this look event appropriate while also maintaining her personal style.

Crystal Reed Clothes

This color is gorgeous on her the girl knows her stuff.
Crystal has all the makings to be a trend setter she's daring, stylish,classy and on the hot new series Teen Wolf  and now she's my style inspiration!

Monday, June 25, 2012

More Natural Hair Frustration

 I've had about enough with the shrinkage and continuous struggle that is styling my hair I've decided to become an undercover natural. An undercover natural is a natural who wears continuous weaves and protective styles whilst being natural and taking care of her actual hair but not wearing it out. You will understand my frustration once you see what I've recently witnessed.

When I took  my weave down undid my braids washed conditioned, deep conditioned,washed again my hair literally shriveled up past the point of no return in the water.

My hair before the take down

Yep that's below the collar bone can you believe the level of growth I've had from starting off bald headed about 2 years ago to this!

Now my hair when water has touched my hair and after twisting it to try and stretch it (It stretched hardly at all).

TWA Status all over again

I'm getting kinky twists installed sometime this week. I'm going to be bluntly honest no one let me know that my hair would face this level of shrinkage and there's nothing really out there to combat it but stretching it with the strength of Hercules and as if I have the time. I'm not wearing it out until it gets big enough to be able to be washed without it shrinking up to half its size,the end.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Seriousness and Self Esteem

    I know this blog is all about fashion and style, but I'd like to take a moment and post something much deeper that we all have in common, self esteem.Money,clothes,jewelry,make up sounds like a nice list right, but one thing needed in this life we live is self esteem. Self esteem and confidence couldn't be more necessary to this big scary world we live in. Self esteem and confidence help build the necessary character to withhold a strong opinion and not be swayed by the masses. Honestly speaking, young women tend to be targets society tends to try to train the young women's eye to believe what they believe, not because they're cruel but because it's financially beneficial for them. We, as the youth, and as cheesy as it sounds we really are the future we need to take control and hold that control with an iron grip about what we want to see and what we believe in. We want to see diversity, we believe beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Self esteem is required when we we are swallowed up by images on a day to day basis representing a small amount of the population.
   Accepting that beauty comes in both light skin and dark, from a size 1 to a size 12 the necessary skills in self esteem and confidence are needed for everyone because we all want to be accepted but we all aren't so finding a safe place where you are comfortable within yourself is a much better gift than any skirt or new lip stick and all the material things are mere accessories to the outstanding beauty lying inside you.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

My Thrift Store Shopping Experience Part 1

My thrift store shopping experience is nothing less than...AMAZING! I want to take a moment to give the world's biggest hug to my mother who drove me to all 4 shops searching through mounds of clothing. Two shops in particular where I actually found great wardrobe pieces are from the first and lost of my trips starting with Family Store Salvation Army.

I came there on the 5 for 5 special!!! I bought

Snake print inspired Sun dress

Light mint shorts
Vintage LBD

Plaid sheer top with slip underneath
Capri Khakis

All for a mere 5 dollars and 32 cent!!! I will be adding part 2 immediately sorry it's not all together blogger is being a poop head at the moment.

My Thrift Store Shopping Part 2

This is Theo's Niche where I picked up some accessories

This bag was only 50 cent they were having a super sale where it was cut to 99 cent and then cut in half to 50 cent can you believe it and it's so perfect for the summer!


I picked up these two belts 50 cent a piece!

All 3 pair were on sale as is and cost me 52 cent!!! I spent about 2 dollars total in this store, so all together my thfiting trip cost me about 7 dollars and some change! I'm in love with thrifting they might us well hitch us now I'll sign the engagement papers now.

Friday, June 22, 2012

It's A Beautiful Day

Hello guys its a gorgeous Friday after eating some great food at a spot called flappers wmy family and I walked off calories at the local track. Guess who's going tnrifting for the 1st time guys....THIS GIRL! The excitement should be beaming from your computer or phone screen until then smooches sweeties!

Camel Toes Belongs On Camel

 I know people will look at the title of this post and go "huh", "what", or even "well duh, where else do they go?" but that's not the case with some. I like leggings a lot, I like printed leggings, bedazzled,bright,glitter, I like leggings because I like comfort and warmth for the winter. The only bone I have to pick with legging wearers is the camel toe! I understand you want to put comfort first but at least put some kind of shress (shirt dress) or drirt(dress shirt)  on over it, or don't buy the leggings that tight because if they show off camel toe just how comfortable are they?  Leggings can be worn so cutely I've seen it like below are some of my favorite legging looks
Wanna know why Bey is smiling because she's comfortable and doesn't have to worry about showing you bits of her anatomy. 

Rihanna Clothes
Rihanna in print leggings takes away from any possible camel toe-age and they're fit more like pants not tights

Lauren Conrad in leather leggings worn as pants and not tights and the shirt offers coverage.

I hope you all understand I am very pro legging but I couldn't be more anti-camel toe so just watch the fit and acknowledge whether you need some coverage from time to time that's all I ask, please and thank you this was rant brought to you by

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tutus and Errands

  I ran few errands today on this 90 degree day and so far everything has been quite relaxed and breezy something that I needed. After I dropped off some job applications, I went to Target and picked out a few purchases shopping is therapeutic

Rue 21 top Burlington Coat Factory skirt

My purchases

on clearance for 12.95 from Target
On clearance for a mere 5 dollars from Target

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Blue Jeans

 Simple outfit post today so I figured I'd give Instaframe a whirl I like the app plenty of options and it's easy to operate. I decided to style the simple tee with some bling of course, my two fave rings and my newest favorite accessory my ear cuff!

"You Talk Like A White Girl"


                                                  Individual: "you sound like a white girl"

      A race of individuals may share certain physical characteristics but they do not share the same behaviors, opinions, outlooks, attitudes, life styles, languages, accents, or culture so when statements like "you're an Oreo", or "you talk so proper like a white girl", it makes no sense to me. You can't speak like an entire race of people because that entire race of people doesn't speak the same,. Proper grammar is not a tool only used by white people so when confronted with a statement like that from black people, what does that say about how some of us see ourselves.
   I don't let the media, or any other person decide for me how to act, speak nor look I refuse to. My right to decide just who I am and who I want to be are one of the few things in this world that are reserved freely for us so why wouldn't I hold my freedom to be how I ever please in the highest right. I can't conform people, I can't make anyone's opinion change because people are always going to think what they want, but that doesn't matter my opinion about myself does and I love the way I speak. I can speak with such high formality, and then I can say goofy silly things while in the comfort of my friends I may speak English now and drop a Spanish term later, do you want to know why, because I can.
  I can do as I please just like anyone else can say what they want, but that doesn't mean I have to listen. Ignorant comments will be said to my face, behind my back, in my ear, they will be said in humor, said in offense and said in ignorance but it's all determined on how I allow it to affect. A simple statement can be tossed aside like a feather if you don't let it weigh you down like a boulder. I won't carry the ignorance or resentment of anyone on my shoulders, I have enough going on, so when confronted with with ignorance and those who believe in stereotypical behavior the best thing is to keep your head up and keep moving.

Meet Jennifer of Jasifers Lions Club

  Jennifer runs the blog a name of both her own and her hubby Jason's, she recently started a fashion blogger challenge called Big Fat Summer Challenge challenging plus size fashion bloggers to wear pieces of clothing they may not normally choose to wear you can check it out here I love the fact that Jennifer wears what she wants not what someone else says she should and that in itself makes her an inspiration as well as her fabulous style.

Strutting her stuff in her D.I.Y. shorts  

Her fierce blog and fierce outfits can all be found here

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Saturdays

 I can't believe, I'm just now  hearing about the Saturdays???? I'm kind of in love with them now, but that's besides the point I feel so incredibly late that these fabulous music goddesses have risen from the UK and I was completely unaware, a moment of silence for my out of the loopedness..... Okay. The pop band is from
Here are the fabulous the make up superb, The Saturdays are composed of singers Mollie King, Una Healy, FrankieSandford, Rochelle Wiseman and Vanessa White.

Singers names
Purple: Frankie Sandford
Blue:Mollie King
Green: Vanessa White
Yellow: Rochelle Wiseman
Red: Una Healy

Tat Me Up Immediately

    I've been playing with the idea of getting a tattoo for quite some time now, especially with my 18th birthday on the way but I'm, dare I say it CHICKEN. Temporary tattoos are awesome for me and you know   what else is awesome the Fake Tattoo company sent myself and you my pretties a 10% discount off everything in the store using code Disco Fever go check out there super cute tats now

Sunday, June 17, 2012

What I've Been Sleeping On

  Sparkles, who doesn't like sparkles, what self professed woman with an eye fabulosity and the tendency to be divarific doesn't like sparkles?!! So when I came across this NYC nail polish flabbergasted I was to find it was a mere 1.00 and it is composed entirely of wait for it........SPARKLES!

Look at all the shiny gilittery goodness eep I almost screamed in the store but I have enough control to merely yelp slightly ya know.

Happy Father's Day!!!

  Want to give big props to Pop he inspires my work ethic and besides being amazing he's also my Dad!

Bullying My Memory Around

                I remember way back when I was obsessed with Fall Out Boy,  and I had a punk look and attitude to match. I still miss some pieces of my old much darker wardrobe, and will always be nostalgic about my skull printed hoops I sadly lost my first year of high school. Just because I've grown older it doesn't mean I have to let go of all of my memories of wanting to be a rock singer and have a surprise feature in one of Fall Out Boy's music video.I don't know what's provoking this reminiscence but it's inspiring me like wild.
  I remember my first year of high school I fell in love with the punk rock genre of music because I had so much pent up frustration from the prior years of middle school. In middle school I didn't fit in at all I made some friends but underneath it all I just felt insecure and alienated from my classmates. Some of my classmates as you could imagine kids being kids chose to single me out, pick on me and as a result I built a negative tough exterior. I didn't understand at the time the only reason I was being picked on is because these kids obviously have problems as well. They called it hazing the new kid at school, but I called it bashing my confidence and stealing my self esteem.
  My attitude while in high school was the product of a rough middle school experience but I couldn't let that hang around me forever eventually I let it go, and my outlook on life and people wasn't quite so dark and threatening. As I matured I came to recognize that experience as making me stronger now when I see kids in similar situations I can honestly say to them it truly does get better, and no matter what anyone else says you're the one who decides who you are.
    I still love rock music and to this day, I love bands like Flyleaf, Pierce The Veil and Mariana's Trench but not because I felt I had to to uphold a tough girl image but because I just enjoy that kind of music. I decided that I wouldn't let a bad experience define who I am, that I am more than the insults, and dirty looks, I am a many faceted individual with the right to be who ever she pleases.Punkin Pie

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Women Bashing Other Women

      I've heard it before time and time again "she's just intimidated by me because I'm a female", "she's just jealous because I'm pretty", "all women are always catty", "I can't make friends with girls they're always drama", these tired stereotypical phrases need to go extinct immediately. When stating prejudicial statements on all women all it does is prove how immature or ignorant the woman stating said offensive comments and puts all women including herself down, but in the society we live in regardless of every offensive remark there is a woman out there proving them wrong with no trouble at all.
       You're thinking, as a woman she has the right to speak on all women but that's not true. You wouldn't like a man speaking on all women as if he wrote the book on them, and a woman doing so is no better if anything, worse. Women are fed these tiresome rules of cattiness and drama and other kinds of stereotypical behavior at a young age but as we grow older we grow out of what is being forced down our throats and take control of our own minds. Yet every so often these phrases like some of those said above still manage to crawl out the deepest darkest hollows of a person's mind and manage to set back that woman and only set herself back, because one woman does not stand for us all, thankfully.
  For every misogynistic opinion stated there are other people who are willing to step up and effortlessly prove them wrong, so don't underestimate us because of what you heard just be aware of what you see.

Friday, June 15, 2012

It's All About The Top

   I had a relaxing needed day of driving about and walking around with two of my best friends. I came home and got myself a few more job apps before I came to the conclusion..I HAVEN'T TAKEN AN OUTFIT OF THE DAY PICTURE YET. So my pretties that is why you are seeing the famous, and all to well known camera phone picture, imagine I'm just modeling both the outfit and my new phone lol.

Top from Sears

     By the way I realized that I can't use adsense because a long time ago  my account was disapproved for reasons unknown to me and now I'm banned O.O any suggestions on how I am supposed to make any kind of business or money off of this blog since I've been black listed from Google.  When I realized that my blog wasn't able to utilize the adsense that's why you saw a brief post about the blog moving to another platform which I'm still testing out. I do believe I may work on wordpress I tried to import my blog to onsugar but apparently they don't carry the option. It's actually quite frustrating I run this blog with a lot of effort put into it and then I'm cut off from making any finances for some reason unbeknownst to me college is around the corner and any extra help is much needed so you could imagine my frustration. I will keep posting regardless of the challenges I'm currently facing but be prepared for if should the time come when I move the blog somewhere more beneficial.


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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Follow Me My Pretties

Remember follow my face on instagram at deejayzface

Are You Not Familiar With?

  I would like to introduce to you Ms. Monroe Steele! Serving up awesome style left and right, her looks have caught my eye repeatedly and it's time she gets a spotlight. Her looks and her blog inspire me to try and do better, to reach for bigger and better things for this blog like she has done with her's with no further ado check out Ms. Monroe Steele!

(A stellar weather appropriate outfit when she went to the Style Bloggers of Color Conference in Hotlanta)

(Here she is making simple chic love those D&G sunglasses)

Sophisticated and fun look from one of my favorite posts of hers Business of Blogging

I had to post simply because she looks amazing here. If you want to see more of Ms. Steele check out her blog