Thursday, June 14, 2012

Are You Not Familiar With?

  I would like to introduce to you Ms. Monroe Steele! Serving up awesome style left and right, her looks have caught my eye repeatedly and it's time she gets a spotlight. Her looks and her blog inspire me to try and do better, to reach for bigger and better things for this blog like she has done with her's with no further ado check out Ms. Monroe Steele!

(A stellar weather appropriate outfit when she went to the Style Bloggers of Color Conference in Hotlanta)

(Here she is making simple chic love those D&G sunglasses)

Sophisticated and fun look from one of my favorite posts of hers Business of Blogging

I had to post simply because she looks amazing here. If you want to see more of Ms. Steele check out her blog


  1. Thanks for sharing!! I love her style & how versatile she is, not to mention beautiful <3

  2. loove your dress!

  3. The outfit is awesome!