Sunday, July 29, 2012

Body Bashing and Self Worth

  Size and color does not matter, nor does it equal the worthiness of an individual nor does it affect the inner self of said individual. I keep seeing all this bashing on bodies lately and it's starting to bother me so get ready for a good rant guys. Whether a size 16 or a size 6 you have no right to impose your opinions nor, your comments on someone's figure and if you do please recognize that you will be ignored. Women are consistently the targets for this kind of size prejudice and hate, the lack of self esteem in young girls is a result of a superficially driven society, where they put cookie cutter man made images on everything and try to feed  to you what you should look like versus what you do. Even those who model cookie cutter extremes don't really look like everyone is a Photo-shopping wizard nowadays, but no one wants to take credit for their handiwork huh?
  It's one thing when you want to put spotlight on being healthy and another to bash someone over something they often cannot control. Body bashing is on both those who are considered "skin and bones" and those who are considered not so skin and bones and those who lie snuggled up unnoticed in the middle. I say we as women take our power back, we need to take back what we define as beautiful and teach that to the youth. Instead of pounding in young girl's heads, "your hair is beautiful", "your skin is beautiful", even though it's true why can't we teach them their confidence is beautiful? Why can't being independent and strong be considered just as beautiful as a pair of full lips, or blazing green eyes? You may not be able to see my sense of humor but you can sure hear it when I open my mouth, though for some reason that's not put as high on the totem pole of sexy right?
  We are so much more than what lies on the outside, and we need to also recognize what lies on the outside is also beautiful as what is within, and once that philosophy is taught and owned maybe we won't hear about all these outrageous wild antics that some young girls do. Some girls do questionable wild and crazy things out of boredom, out of attention but you never hear "oh I got wasted and danced on a bar fell off and got Snoop Dogg tatted on my back because I have so much self worth". If we can teach how much confidence is important than maybe we as people will be able to carry ourselves better and the world will better recognize that women are a force to be reckoned with, if they're not already aware.


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