Tuesday, June 12, 2012

College Is On The Way

 I grab some more job applications tomorrow I don't why I'm excited about that, I guess I'm excited about the idea of being in a place to make money! I will have my new bus route figured out by this weekend for when I start venturing back and forth from college because I'm kind of chicken to live on the dorm and I want to get some other things straightened out first. My college orientation is the June 30th is that not insane, I will be a Wayne State Warrior soon enough I can't even believe it. I'm excited for this new phase and I can't wait to go on the job hunt.
  Working at a clothing store would be incredible for me, I could style the mannequins and I'm the clothing folding queen as well a clothing store just suits me so well. I'd love a job at Rue21Forever21 or Vanity who wouldn't love a discount at stores with clothing like this.


Forever21 Made

Vanity Store made polyvore set!

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