Friday, June 15, 2012


Deejay Speaks is a blog based on lifestyle,fashion,and self expression.Initially the blog was created to be a personal style blog but has blossomed into a host of art,conversation and to continuously grow with the writer,Dinesha Johnson. Deejay Speaks is also home for Dinesha Johnson's art director aspirations taking form in the character Danielle Starbright a dramatic,punk rock character for whom she features photo shoots, that she calls The Alter Ego Photo Shoots, read more on that at this link What's An Alter Ego Photo Shoot?  Deejay Speaks has grown vastly in both readership and audience but also by expanding into a sister website called
        The Eye is a blog all about style, fashion blogging, blogger mechanics,and  features multiple fashion blogger interviews with young women around the world, from New York to Scotland(check out The Eye's Interviews here).Dinesha Johnson is still managing both blogs successfully, while also pursuing her degree in Journalism to hone her talents. 
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