Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Guess Who's From The D!!

  The gorgeous Crystal Reed who plays kick butt Allison Argent on Teen Wolf is from Detroit, Michigan a little tidbit I was completely unaware of and get this she's only 3 years older than I am can you believe this!!!!! I'm from Detroit she's from Detroit, she went to Wayne State University, I'm heading to Wayne State University it just kind of amazes me when you find out one of the people you actually admire have some of the same background as you and I find it kind of inspiring as well. 
   When you find commonalities with these glamorous actors or actresses it's a surreal moment when you recognize hey they're human too. I just got a little inspired when I found that she was from Michigan, you see I would love getting into the media and being a journalist and maybe someday I could be interviewing Ms. Crystal Reed herself and besides inspiring me in a career minded way she has also inspired my style!

There's something glamorous and edgy to each of her looks and I love it!

The bit of sparkle in the skirt really makes this look event appropriate while also maintaining her personal style.

Crystal Reed Clothes

This color is gorgeous on her the girl knows her stuff.
Crystal has all the makings to be a trend setter she's daring, stylish,classy and on the hot new series Teen Wolf  and now she's my style inspiration!

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