Friday, June 15, 2012

It's All About The Top

   I had a relaxing needed day of driving about and walking around with two of my best friends. I came home and got myself a few more job apps before I came to the conclusion..I HAVEN'T TAKEN AN OUTFIT OF THE DAY PICTURE YET. So my pretties that is why you are seeing the famous, and all to well known camera phone picture, imagine I'm just modeling both the outfit and my new phone lol.

Top from Sears

     By the way I realized that I can't use adsense because a long time ago  my account was disapproved for reasons unknown to me and now I'm banned O.O any suggestions on how I am supposed to make any kind of business or money off of this blog since I've been black listed from Google.  When I realized that my blog wasn't able to utilize the adsense that's why you saw a brief post about the blog moving to another platform which I'm still testing out. I do believe I may work on wordpress I tried to import my blog to onsugar but apparently they don't carry the option. It's actually quite frustrating I run this blog with a lot of effort put into it and then I'm cut off from making any finances for some reason unbeknownst to me college is around the corner and any extra help is much needed so you could imagine my frustration. I will keep posting regardless of the challenges I'm currently facing but be prepared for if should the time come when I move the blog somewhere more beneficial.

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