Monday, June 25, 2012

More Natural Hair Frustration

 I've had about enough with the shrinkage and continuous struggle that is styling my hair I've decided to become an undercover natural. An undercover natural is a natural who wears continuous weaves and protective styles whilst being natural and taking care of her actual hair but not wearing it out. You will understand my frustration once you see what I've recently witnessed.

When I took  my weave down undid my braids washed conditioned, deep conditioned,washed again my hair literally shriveled up past the point of no return in the water.

My hair before the take down

Yep that's below the collar bone can you believe the level of growth I've had from starting off bald headed about 2 years ago to this!

Now my hair when water has touched my hair and after twisting it to try and stretch it (It stretched hardly at all).

TWA Status all over again

I'm getting kinky twists installed sometime this week. I'm going to be bluntly honest no one let me know that my hair would face this level of shrinkage and there's nothing really out there to combat it but stretching it with the strength of Hercules and as if I have the time. I'm not wearing it out until it gets big enough to be able to be washed without it shrinking up to half its size,the end.


  1. I always wished I had curly hair! Follow each other?


  2. i understand your frustration. my hair doesn't seem to want to grow OUT, but its thick. i also wear weaves a lot--i have braids right now and i actually fucking hate them--but i don't like it because of the upkeep. i say hang in there, and try new products. coconut oil, as i hear, is really good. look around for stuff that could make your hair thicker and stronger and less prone to shrinkage. 

  3. lol I have friends that are also in the "undercover natural" club. Congrats on the length of your hair (:

  4. Precious AdegboyegaOctober 2, 2013 at 7:05 PM

    Lol, girl i feel your frustration. It's been 2 years for me too and I CANT stand shrinkage. im sure my hair shrinks shorter than yours. Ive been doing twist outs to stretch seems to work but I cant deal with twisting it up every night just to maintain the length/style. Although i have thought about straightening it or putting a texturizer- i wont. And i wont be an undercover natural because i feel that i'll never learn to take care of and maintain my hair (also in a strange way im proud of my hair no matter how much it shrinks.- i mean if im not...who the hell will be?) So for now...i'll just put up with the evil shrinkage from hell.

  5. I wanted to go natural, but its too hard for me.